New Fourth-Gen Glock Coming Soon

fourth-generation-glock-redesign-teaseBlogs and forums are buzzing about the redesigned fourth-generation Glock, set for release in 2010.

Richard over at Gun Holsters and Gear says the new Glock, or the “Next Generation of Perfection,” is rumored to have an adjustable grip for hands of all shapes and sizes as well as a textured finish. mentions that grip on Glock handguns has been a point of contention for some time. Glocks have been manufactured by Glock GmbH in Austria since 1963. The company’s is known for its strike-fired polymer-framed pistols.

“Glock has been losing market share as police departments nationwide have traded in their Glocks in favor of the more ergonomic Smith M&Ps,” said the editor at AccurateShooter.

When the fourth-gen G22 RTF2 Glock was first released this year, Steve at The Firearms Blog wrote: “I think 3rd gen glocks will be considered the ‘classic’ and having an older one will be ‘cool.’”

Will the newly redesigned Glock make it into the ‘cool’ category?

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