Fun Holster Fact of the Day

Did you know that in Europe many police agencies require holsters where the hood release is an independent device separated from the gun lock?

That’s according to Bernard Gould, a holster designer and European sales director for Gould & Goodrich.

We recently spoke with him about G&G’s new T391Triple Retention Duty Holster, which is based off of an Austrian speed holster. He mentioned the European tidbit while explaining how their new holster doesn’t require thumb pressure to release the hood.

He said that United States agencies handle holster development very differently than agencies in Europe. Typically in the U.S., departments are highly involved in the development of holsters with manufacturers.

“But in Europe everything is a big secret until they day they publish the tender, and that’s the first time you learn what they have decided they want,” Gould said.

“The manufactures have to scramble to fill their wants, needs and desires in two weeks. So, you get a committee that sits around a bar, has a few beers and decides what they want to see it in a holster. And then they write it up, and say we need 40,000 of these things and 12 samples by next Tuesday.”

When asked why they require the separated hood from gun lock, he simply answered: “They like to be complicated, I think.” And then gave a good, hearty chuckle.

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