Win Hi-Tec’s New Yeti II 200i

Last month we gave away free pairs of military boots on, and this month? is partnering up with Hi-Tec to give away FREE hiking boots through November.

How can you enter to win? Simply answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post: Where will your new Hi-Tec boots take you and why?

Just be honest and thorough, and our staff will pick the best comment in two weeks. That means the winner will be announced Wednesday, November 3, 2010.

And while you ponder that notion, take a moment to check out Hi-Tec on Facebook and Twitter. They’re a great company who spend a lot of time chatting with customers and fans on social media networks. So, be sure to tweet them something sweet!

This contest is open to the U.S. and Canada only. If the winner’s size is out of stock, Hi-Tec will replace with another style of equal of lesser value.

Just released this month, Hi-Tec’s Yeti II 200i proves to be a great addition to any trekking collection. Other hiking boots I’ve worn had significant break-in periods. Heck, I’ve even worn those sorts of boots around the house for a few days before actually taking them out on the trail.

The Yetis? I had no second thoughts as I stepped out on the gravel path. They just have an out-of-the-box comfort that you don’t get from regular tennis shoes or lower-end hiking boots. And it’s not like these boots are ridiculously pricey. Actually, as far as hiking boots go, the Yetis are extremely affordable.

You get a lot for the price, too. I was impressed with the insulation. It’s something that I don’t need quite yet, but in the thick of winter, I won’t be able to live without it. When icy conditions appear, my feet will be nice and toasty with that 200g Thinsulate as well as a legion of waterproofing materials. Seriously. This boot boasts Thermo-Dri waterproof/insulated construction, waterproof bootie construction and ion-mask waterproof technology. Needless to say, when water splashed up on my boot, I expected it to not seep in. Let’s just say these boots exceeded my expectations and then some.

The only negative comment I can come up with about the boots are that I wish it came in more colors. Sure, black and brown are typical boot colors, but I really appreciate how a bright orange or blue can spice things up. Other than that, I look forward to sloshing through the snow in these bad boys. Great traction, excellent feel = even happier trails ahead.

42 Comments on “Win Hi-Tec’s New Yeti II 200i

  1. I am entering this contest for a surprise gift for my son who recently moved to Colorado and loves to hit the trails-it is good for his soul.
    He is an outdoor adventurist type who often does not know his own limitations and these boots look like the kind of shoes that will take him to the type of places where he likes to go and do so in a safe manner.
    These shoes are so ugly that they look like something that he would just love–the ultimate “regular guy” footware.

  2. This great!. I bought for my dad perfectly matches his identity as he’s a true adventurer and enjoys the style and comfort of Asolo hiking boot.

  3. The hiking shoes is one of the very important in hiking. I hope to have one of this kind of hiking stuff. Thanks

  4. Being in a health care related business I can appreciate the need for a good quality pair of hikers. These boots would allow me to enjoy a year round healthy living activity in style and comfort no matter what the terrain.

  5. I recently applied for a volunteer position at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory at Volcano’s National Park on the island of Hawaii. I was also recently accepted. I’m very excited! One of the requirements for this volunteer position is good, sturdy hiking boots. The position lasts 4 months and I will not be earning any money since it is only a volunteer position, so a free pair of boots would be great! I will be doing a lot of field work which means a lot of hiking on volcano’s. Walking on lava is very hard on boots so I need a good sturdy pair. Is the Hi-Tec’s Yeti II 200i up to the task? Hopefully I’ll find out!

  6. I could use a new pair of boots for winter and spring hiking, and welcoming Hi-Tec to Portland, OR!

  7. I dont deserve them, but I could sure use some new boots, I walk often with mediocre shoes, that fit a limited budget.

  8. They will take me everywhere! But first to the Olympic Mountains here in the Northwest! Cheers!

  9. Want boots? heck yes
    Need boots? definitely

    I’ve worked as a backcountry ranger in the wilderness of Montana for the past couple summers. Needless to say, my current pair of boots has slowly deteriorated to shreds. My wife and I recently had a baby and I’ve had to give up the seasonal outdoor employment to a permament desk job. Since my boots are no longer a work necessity, the funding to replace them has been put on the back burner. Nevertheless, my boots still need to be replaced so we can start backpacking again with our newest addition. The sooner we are able to purchase (or win) boots, the sooner we can start instilling the wonder and joy of hitting the trail with the next generation. Currently we have relocated to California, so we hope to do hiking in the Yosemite region and of course hiking when we’re visiting MT in the awesome Pintlers & Bitterroots. Pretty much if there is granite, we’ll be there.

  10. When I put the Hi Tec’s New Yetill’s on my feet we will dance thru all the trails of THE GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS….and then set off to conquer Mt.Katahdin! Then I will hike on as long as these boots will last……Why????My worst day of hiking is still better than any day not hiking. If I didn’t JOB would be HIKING!!! I Love to hike and I need a GREAT NEW PAIR OF HI TEC’S !!

  11. These boots look awesome! I could definitely use a new pair of boots as I start taking my daughter out and about more!

  12. I was a pretty avid hiker when I was younger but now I am just getting into it again at almost 50. My spouse and I are looking forward to cruising parts of the Trans Canada Trail in a variety of weather conditions. I have never had a quality hiking boot and over the years my feet have suffered this wonderful activity. This didn’t stop me, but today I’m sure I will be investing in better quality footwear, like these Hi-Tec’s. My feet I’m sure will be happier which will make trail hiking an even more enjoyable event.

  13. Yeah, these look rattlesnake proof! Mother approved! 🙂

  14. Why do I like Hi-Tec boots? I have wide feet and they fit just right for me. How do I know? My last 3 pair have been Hi-Tec. Summer is over and I need another pair please.

  15. I love Hi-Tec boots. Just killed a pair this summer when I hiked Mineral King to Whitney Portal. I super need a new pair really bad because I’m unemployed and I’m going to use this blessing to start Section A of the PCT after Christmas. (I plan on doing around 100 miles every year. Hopefully I’ll love long enough to complete it.) Why? Why not?! Life is short and I have two working legs. Gimme, gimme, please!!

  16. I would eventually be taking them on as many hiking trails in the Southeast US as possible, plus several long backpacking trips up the AT.

  17. There once was a hiker from Kentucky
    Whose boots were always unlucky
    She hiked and hiked until her feet became all a blister
    Which sadly made her become a hiking quitter!
    Upon which her husband said try Hi-Tec
    And your feet will no longer be a wreck
    So she slipped on her new Yeti II’s
    And no longer was she singing the blues
    Her passion for hiking now returned
    So happy her feet will no longer burn
    Off to the Grand Canyon with her husband in tow
    Hand in hand down Bright Angel Trail they will go
    Grateful to the fine folks at Hi Tec
    As this wife will no longer be a pain in the neck

  18. These boots would be the first of what will likely be several pairs as I set off with my wife to conquer the Appalachian Trail. I wish I could say that we were going to thru-hike it, but alas, life has other plans. We will be section hiking it, starting in 2011. For now, we will be traveling some distance to reach our beginning points, but hopefully by 2016 we will be living in the Smokies, so the hikes will be closer to home.

  19. Looks like these would easily handle the hills of northeast Iowa and the Driftless Area, which is where I would use them. Plenty of trails to walk this winter, and maybe even snowshoe.

  20. We have reservations for the Indian Garden back country site in the Grand Canyon during Christmas week, then two nights in a cabin at Phantom Ranch, then back to IG for a final night on Christmas Eve. What a great place to use these fine boots, and what a great gift to receive to begin the New Year of hiking. Back home in Tennessee, I hike every Friday in my backyard, the Great Smoky Mountains, with my local hiking club, Retired Citizens of the Smokies. Being a retired Tennessee State Employee, winning new boots is like getting an increase in my check. So, make my year, new boots for Rudolph!!

  21. Would love these for my son….father of 4. He is trying to get his kids in love with hiking and this would help him.

  22. Anywhere away from this Hell-hole called Boyd County Kentucky.

  23. Smoky Mountain National Park of course. Next trip planed for New Years weekend. Going to some of the higher elevations and will probably see some snow. Last year, New Years weekend, there was at least 2 feet on the ground near the intersection of the A.T. and “The Boulevard” trail.

    Considering getting to Rocky Top on this trip (on the A.T. near Spence Field shelter).

  24. I would definitely be using them on the trails here in Tennessee. I love to hit the trails as often as possible and these would be perfect to help me do just that! Smoky Mountains for life!

  25. My husband and I will hike as many trails as we possible can. This is one of the many ways we stay fit and healthy.

  26. Aside from the fact that these boots sound incredible, I could really use them during my upcoming year in Iceland. The insulated/waterproofed construction is just what I will need to help me conquer Hekla in the wet and frigid Icelandic winter!

  27. My old boots are starting to wear out….and if I don’t get a new pair soon my feet will be suing me for divorce for abuse and neglect from walking on all those rocky trails in the Great Smoky Mountains.

    I could use a little trail magic right now….besides, those Hi-Tec boots look awesome!

  28. This pair of boot looks fantastic but off late the boot which I bought for my dad perfectly matches his identity as he’s a true adventurer and enjoys the style and comfort of Asolo hiking boot.

  29. Look like great boots – shame I’m in Spain and can’t enter the competition – otherwise I’d like to take these boots along the GR11. A fantastic trail leading right from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean through the wildest parts of the Pyrenees.

  30. I’d take my boots snowshoeing this winter for exercise.

  31. My husband wants these boots! He is working out in Calgary for the next couple of months, and they’ll take him on hikes while he’s out there. He’s planning to hit the badlands in Alberta and down into the Kootenays! Hopefully he doesn’t run across any bears (he’s probably more likely to trip over dinosaur bones at Dinosaur Provincial Park!).

  32. I tend to think of myself as an accidental hiker. Seriously… I was probably hiking for a good month or so before I even realized that I was (Actually hiking that is). Silly me… I thought I was walking.

    I had just turned 40, and to be honest years and years of a sedentary lifestyle combined with too many bad habits and far too much bad food had begun to take it’s toll. Simply put I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. So I turned off the television and headed outside.

    I began a daily walking regimen. Not far, 2 or 3 miles after work… Maybe 5 on the weekends. Soon two turned into five, and five turned into ten. I was becoming bored just walking around my neighborhood. I mean really… How many times can you walk down the same street?

    So I began walking along the North Shore Bike Path which stretches about 16 miles from Mundelein to Lake Bluff. It was near my house and offered more scenery than my subdivision that’s for sure! But far more than that, it introduced me to the Des Plaines River Trail and Greenway which spans 31 miles from just south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border to Deerfield, and connects a chain of 10 forest preserves in Lake County Illinois and thousands of acres of land.

    I began regularly posting the mileage I was racking up, along with pictures of the breathtaking scenery I was encountering on my walks to my Facebook page. One day someone commented on all of my posts about my recent hiking. Up until this point I had never thought of what I was doing as hiking, I was still thinking of it as walking, just in a more scenic venue. But I was hiking, and I realized it that day. Without gadgets, without gear… Without even a pair of hiking boots I was hiking!

    So in answer to your question “Where will your new Hi-Tec boots take you and why?” A top notch pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots will take me down longer trails. Harder trails. A top notch pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots means more elevation. More miles. In fact with a A top notch pair of Hi-Tec hiking boots the idea of through hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail seem more appealing than daunting…

    Bill Hengst

  33. Well,My husband is really no adventurer although I am sure he wishes he were.We live out in the country and he walks everywhere,to town,around our land,and he is often goes out to thin the woods on our trail. Mostly its just work but these boots look like his old ones,much nicer though and I am sure much better made. Just thought I would enter to try to win shoes for the hubby. These look like what he likes.Thanks so much

  34. It seems like I blow through a pair of boot every time I turn around while Rangering muddy events with the Midwest Burners, Winter camping at Frostburn in mid winter, Climbing the Hills of Dunadd in Scotland or delving far into caverns below Blarney Castle, or even far beneath the Belgian temples carved into rock fissures deep beneath the earth.

    The highest toll for my boot loss however are the dance floors across the planet in places like Club Taalmala Tangir, Gatecrasher Sheffield England, Limelight/Mother/Albion Manhattan, Club Post Nuclear Laguna Beach, Studio 32 Edinburgh, Temple of Atonement Burningman, Ministry of Sound London, The Castle Tampa, Dungeon NOLA, Love Parade Berlin, Kontrol Faktory/Perversion Hollyweird, Darkrave/Savage Garden Toronto, and Anne Rice’s Gathering of the Covens in NOLA.

    I’m NOT afraid to dance hard, work hard, have fun or put on a kilt. I live life to the fullest wherever my boots take me!

    I just need a pair of boots that can KEEP UP!!/photo.php?fbid=479231521004&set=a.162342381004.155924.529436004&pid=7332186&id=529436004

    Burningly yours,
    Christopher Allen

  35. We’re hopefully adopting a baby this winter from Russia. I will wear my boots through the snowy streets of Moscow!

  36. The truth of the matter is, I’ve just begun hiking. And I’ve already found myself drawn to it like I was so drawn to running. This would be a great way to get my new hobby going considering I don’t have any boots. At all.

    Backstory: I was a runner. A long distance runner. And I loved every part of it. The freedom of the outdoors and getting to see new parts of Chicago I’ve never seen before was enough to get me out the door even on days I wasn’t “feeling” it. Once I moved to St Louis, it was my way to get out and explore a brand new city. Sadly, I’ve developed a pretty bad IT band issue and I haven’t been able to run more than a few miles without limping home. It’s been 10 months now…

    Recently, I purchased a Groupon to wine country just south of St Louis. Thinking I’d like to make a day of it, I checked out the surrounding area and found Hawn State Park. At first I was just thinking picnic, but then considered taking up one of those trails they had listed on their website. It was then decided that I’d go hiking for my first time.

    Well, it was almost a religious experience. The views and terrain were just what I needed. And you’ve heard of that runners high? It’s real. And I had a similar experience while hiking. It doesn’t seem to bother my IT band at all. I’m going back this weekend to hit the 10 mile trail. I want to see where it takes me.

    So, yeah, these boots will come in handy. All I’m rocking right now are my running shoes. I can’t imagine those will feel so great in the winter months. Save me from myself,! I got a new addiction…

  37. I would take them to summit the impossible peaks, to honor those who are not there to climb with me.

  38. My boyfriend backpacks, his boots are a little torn and tattered, as he is too. But, from exercising he’s an oldie but goodie and deserves a new pair to keep it that way!

  39. Mama says they was magic shoes. They could take me anywhere.

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