14 Deliciously Dangerous Gun Cakes

Here’s an unappetizing thought: Sinking your teeth into a 12 gauge.

That cold metallic taste comes in gag-inducing waves. And if you bite down hard enough, you might crack a few teeth along the way.

But why eat a real gun anyway (is that even humanly possible)? If it looks that appealing, you might as well whip up a cake that looks eerily similar to a firearm. We found 14 icing-coated masterpieces that demonstrate the ability to be both intimidating and intimidating.

1. Glock Cake – With an almost too-legit look, this Glock 17 has a trigger that makes you wonder if it’s loaded. Better double check.
Glock gun cake

2. Texas Wedding – Only in the Lone Star State would such a frosted firearm wedding cake exist.

3. Desert Eagle – Even down to the gold tiger stripes, this 24” special edition Desert Eagle is sure to put a smile on any gun lover’s face.
Desert Eagle cake  tiger striped  edition

4. Bull’s Eye – Another cake right on target. It’s covered in rolled fondant with piped dot letters, gum paste bullets topped off with a black fondant gun.
bulls eye cake

5. Velvet Revolver – The idea behind this mouth-watering desert is simple: a revolver on top of red velvet cake. The frosting? Cream cheese.
Velvet Revolver

6. 007 Cake – Can you picture James Bond eating birthday cake? Hmm… maybe blowing one up. Well this slick cake was created for a 9-year-old’s birthday.
007- Kobus's Cake

7. AR-15 Assault Rifle – More fondant! This time it’s black, shiny and camouflaged.
Assult Rifle Cake by Kandy Cakes

8. Pistol Whipped Cupcake – Part of a murder mystery collection of cutesy cakes, the aqua-blue sprinkles really add a menacing element.
Pistol Cupcake

9. Gun and Case Delight – Nobody would guess that a two-layer lemon cake sits underneath the black fondant gun.
Gun with Gun Case

10. Shotgun Wedding – We can’t be sure this is a wedding cake, but it definitely should be. It only serves 20 though, so maybe it’s just for the wedding party.
Take aim!

11. Hunter’s Birthday – A fondant Smith & Wesson paired with a fondant cigar provide ample distractions as a hunter stalks his game.
camo gun cake
camo cake with gun and cigar

12. Machine Gun – We hope the makers of this cake really didn’t create it for dinner with Tony Soprano.
'Dinner with the Mafia'

13. Camo Cake – Can you see this frosted firearm dressed in camouflage? Hurry and put it in the middle of the woods. Can you see it now?
hunting gun camo Cake

14. Duel Wedding – More like a scene from years after the wedding, a bride and groom battle it out just after (or right before) they say “I do.” Or is it “I don’t?”
Battle Cake

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  1. I want one, these are awesome, and yummy too!

  2. Angie,

    That is awesome! Your cake looks amazingly delicious 🙂

    – Jeanette

  3. Um I would have to say I like #13. Because it is mine.

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