Gun Holster FAIL

This oldie-but-goody video of a DEA agent shooting himself in the foot while lecturing about gun safety is a painful reminder of the importance of a good, secure gun holster.

In the video, you will see that he accidentally pulls the trigger while trying to put his gun back in its holster. From the video: “I’m the only one in the room professional enough that I know of to carry this Glock .40. I’m the only … (shoots himself and pauses) … Is everybody all right?”

Although we’re constantly amazed by his ability to not freak out after being shot, we’re equally amazed by his utter stupidity. Granted accidents do happen, things like this probably shouldn’t in a classroom filled with students learning about gun safety.

In 2006, two years after that nearly fatal mistake, the injured agent in the video, Lee Paige, became internationally infamous and filed a suit against the government over his humiliation. According to The Smoking Gun, Mr. Paige claimed that the DEA was responsible for the video’s distribution that was widely circulated online and on TV, which ultimately led to public shame and kept him from taking part in future undercover operations and motivational lectures.

“And I actually had an accident where I almost hit my femoral artery, and I could have died,” Mr. Paige said in a 2006 CNN interview. “The physician indicated I would have died in 22 seconds had that happened. So, and also, my — my safety and my ability to do my job is compromised.”

Below is an excerpt of Mr. Paige discussing the incident on ABC.

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  1. You know, I’ve never heard of anyone negligently shooting themselves in the leg while operating a McDonald’s drive thru headset. Perhaps very special agent Lee Paige ought to look into a career change…

  2. As someone wrote on another blog, DEA Special Agent Lee Paige “. . . is a dumbass [and] so incredibly arrogant that this video deserves to be kept alive and mocked for the next century at a minimum.” But more importantly, why is Lee Paige even still working for a federal “law enforcement” agency? Aside from his most-deserved embarrassment (thankfully in perpetuity due to the Internet), where in the hell is the DEA’s official and lasting accountability for Lee’s actions (beyond a few days of suspension)? Really, what would the penalty be for the average Joe citizen who “accidentally” discharged a firearm in public (much less in a crowded room of kids)? Lee Paige — you are the DEA’s “best” and brightest??? Well, mister “undercover” agent, your reckless overt actions and complete arrogant attitude will *NEVER* be forgotten and seriously *FOREVER* reflect poorly on the US Drug Enforcement Administration. Wake up, America. Wake the F up.

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