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Here at Gun Holsters Blog, it’s fairly evident that we have a thing for, uh, holsters. But what about things shaped like gun holsters that aren’t really gun holsters? Hmm… good question.

Take the Koffski Shoulder Holster for instance. It says it’s a shoulder holster; it kinda looks like a shoulder holster; it should feel like a gun holster since it’s Italian leather. But will it hold a gun? Not a chance.

From the brilliant minds of the Germans comes a “shoulder holster” that’s actually a men’s handbag. This firearm fashionista purse includes a bag, wallet and a V piece as well as a shoulder strap. Perhaps having a wallet that looks like a holster might keep criminals at bay?

On the other hand, having a holster with a real gun might be a teensy bit more intimidating.

The product description for the bag reads “Whether in the office or on the move, the shoulder holster allows the user to carry his basic items around with him in a manner that is manly, flamboyant and, above all, extremely practical.” We’re not sure if something got lost in German-to-English translation here, but we’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

And for around $470 this could all be yours!

(Via Luxist)

4 Comments on “Gun Holster Man Bags

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  2. I opine that it is impossible to be both MANLY and flamboyant at the same time.

    Further, it is not really flamboyant if it is practical…

    And it is not really practical just because it can be used daily. Practical would mean, should mean, that it is better/faster/more convenient than the alternative.

  3. Just don’t reach for your manbag to get your license when you get pulled over.
    Or you may just get shot.

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