Gun Purses and Handbags

Concealed Carry Shoulder Saddlebag

For when a gun holster just isn’t good enough … or concealed enough, there are a few handbags on the market that are made specifically to hold your firearm.

But can’t you just put a gun in any old handbag?

Well, no. For starters, it’s not exactly secure if it’s bouncing around in there with your wallet, car keys and whatever other nonsense you refuse to leave at home.

Even if it’s in a special compartment, there’s still not a place to securely holster it. And if your weapon isn’t small, there might be some issues fitting it in an ordinary purse. The gun’s extra weight also creates major stress on the straps, which is not only uncomfortable but can be a safety risk if it snaps.

The solution: pistol purses and gun bags! Made for women by women (and, yes, sometimes for men), these sophisticated, stylish bags feature special compartments for your handgun and will keep it entirely secure and concealed.

Gun Tote’n Mamas
These ladies aren’t messing around! Just look at the very Men In Black-esque picture that greets you on their website. The seven ladies draped in ninja-like turtlenecks with their eyes hidden behind black shades appear to be just as concealed as their handbag weaponry. These mamas have come up with a range of patent-pending styles — from a shoulder saddlebag ($125) to a basic hobo ($79). It’s apparent that they’re not going to give up style for safety.


Gun Tote'n Mamas

Would you mess with the Gun Tote'n Mamas?

Each of Gun Tote’n Mamas’ designs uses full-grain leather and slash resistant shoulder straps. Every bag is lined with either nylon or suede. The outside is said to get softer with age and last for years. According to a review in Women’s Outdoor News, the purse did indeed become “butter soft” in a good way only after a few weeks of wear. These mamas don’t discriminate and do offer unisex bags including an urban shoulder bag ($85).

Secure Purse
And then there’s Secure Purse, a brand that touts concealment purses, backpack holster purses, fanny packs and more. The website reads more like an autobiography of the founder, where she confesses her fears of being attacked in dark parking lots and explains her personal dilemma with gun handbags.

Secure Purse sets itself apart with having a zippered compartment that locks. “It is a very nice feature that gives me a great deal of peace of mind,” the creator writes. “This is of course not a substitute for safe responsible gun handling.” Its online store features more than a dozen handbags from $35 to $90 with plenty of pictures to go along. Unfortunately it looks like some models sell out quickly and others have been discontinued. So, you best get pistol purse shoppin’!

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  1. Can the hobbo bag carry a kimber super carry pro 4″ barrel, or what bag will hold this gun. I need a slash resistent strap with a locking gun compartment..

  2. Hi Lorene~
    If you click on the Gun Tote’n Mamas link right under the picture, it will take you to their website. Or you can email them at Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Would you be able to send me a booklet with picture, mearsurements, price listing and availiable colors.

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