History of Tactical Pants

Sieger Tactical Pants

Black Tactical Pants

Tactical pants were originally developed by Royal Robbins as a mountain climbing trouser. This heritage is still evident today by the signature “buddy strap” over the rear pocket of all 5.11 iterations of this product. When 5.11 Tactical split fromĀ  Royal Robbins in 2003 the tactical pant was their flagship item and spawned a whole line of performance tactical apparel.

Tactical pants were discovered by the law enforcement community when some native Colorado FBI agents, who were also passionate climbers, stumbled across the original Royal Robbins version. It was the immediate consensus that these ultra-durable pants were not only great for play, but might also prove useful at work. Eventually, the trousers made it all the way to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Once top officers from around the globe began wearing the pants they got from the FBI, everyone in law enforcement wanted their own pair.

Tactical pants are essentially an expensive cargo pant with some technical modifications. Over the years tactical pants have evolved to offer many new features. Today, a host of brands offer countless flavors of tactical pants in different styles, fabrics and colors.

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