Holster Placement: 10 Ways to Wear Yours

1. OWB or outside the waistband – This look is typically sported by police, military and open carrying civilians. If you place the holster on the waist next to your strongest arm, it will greatly improve your draw time.

2. IWB or inside the waistband – For those who want to be just a little more discreet, these types of holsters can be tucked into the inside of the pants and even allows a shirt to go over it, which will almost completely conceal the weapon from the average passerby.

3. On the shoulder – While this look might be dated (since it was invented sometime before the Civil War) and give you a Miami Vice feel , shoulder holsters have amazing concealment possibilities and provide comfort to the wearer.

4. Near your belly button – The “belly band” holster is said to provide deep concealment with its elastic waistband, yet it also has been compared to wearing a girdle. And there’s nothing tactical about that.

5. In your pocket – By using a pocket holster, a stiff leather pouch that keeps your gun upright in a pants or coat pocket, you will have easy access and some concealment. However, if your tactical clothing is too tight, that might give you away.

6. Center of your back – Small-of-the-back holsters have been called the most comfortable, especially for long wear. While comfortable, this holster placement can also be dangerous and cause spinal injury if you fall backwards onto it.

7. Near the groin – Groin holsters place the weapon below the waistline and use the hip area for support.

8. On the thigh – As much as you’d like to think of this kind of thigh holster, usually holsters in the thigh region look more like this and are often sported by police and military officials (not saloon barmaids).

9. On your ankle – Not so great to keep just any weapon, but ankle holsters are the perfect storage spot for a secondary weapon.

10. Near the chest – Chest holsters date back to WWII when quarters within tanks were too tight for placement anywhere else. These kinds of holsters can be set up using MOLLE compatible vests and carriers.

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  1. Excellent! You gave us valuable information about the ways on how to wear holsters. And it basically depends on how we want to conceal our weapon. Thanks for sharing!

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