How to Make a Leather Gun Holster (VIDEO)

Earlier this year we outlined how to get all crafty and make your own gun holster. And that was all well and good.

However, YouTube user particlerealities was busy this week uploading a comprehensive three-part video demonstration that completely blew our post on it out of the water. He not only shows you how to create your very own leather holster but provides a snazzy soundtrack that goes right along with the creative process.

There are plenty of steps involved, but in the end, you will have something special that you won’t be able to find anywhere else (especially if you bedazzle it.) Carve out some time in your calendar to try it out, and tell us how it goes. We’ll try to do the same. Maybe.

4 Comments on “How to Make a Leather Gun Holster (VIDEO)

  1. Great video! For beginners, what are the necessary tools that one would need to start making simple holsters (pancake etc.)?

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