How to Pick a Concealed Carry Holster

Enter gun holster shopping with the mindset that what you buy not only impacts your draw time, it could also be a factor in your safety. While many professionals use gun belts for holsters, civilians prefer other concealable options for carrying firearms.

Once you have a concealed carry weapon selected, really think about what you want out of a holster. Are you looking for something with all-day comfort? Is keeping your weapon hidden most important to you? Or is competing with the likes of Howard Darby at the top of your list?

Sure, it’d be nice to find a combination of all three. However, figuring out what quality you need the most will help.

Once you decide, figure out where that holster should go. Do you want something to clip on to a gun belt or to a jeans pocket? Would you like to rock a Miami Vice-style shoulder holster? There are also ankle holsters, though many don’t prefer this type of holster because it greatly reduces your draw time.

In the video below, pd4cary shows off his personal collection of concealed carry holsters. With belt holsters, two- and three-slot holsters and outside-the-waistband holsters, he explains the good, bad and ugly of each. His favorite? The inside-the-waistband holster even though “it’s not as comfortable as other kinds.”

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