How to Stretch Your Military Boots

There’s nothing more frustrating than a boot that fits perfectly in all but one area. However, there are steps you can take (comfortable ones, we promise) to ensure your feet’s well being.

If the overall fit works for your feet, you’ll want to try a boot stretch. There are several options on how to acquire a boot stretch: You can buy one, take your boots to a shoe repair shop or make your own boot stretcher.

There’s an assortment of stretchers that are used for shoes, heels, and boots, so be sure you pick up the correct one. If you know exactly what area needs stretching, you can even find specific models for either men or women that can both widen and lengthen the boot in different areas.

Have a lot of boots that need stretching?

You can purchase your own shoe or boot stretcher for $20 to $60. The only downside is that you can only stretch one boot at a timeā€”so it will take about 48 hours to get both boots up to snuff. But if you roll up to a shoe repair shop, it will cost on average $25 to $30 for the same service.

In the video below, Joe Siracuse from Shoe Care Supplies demonstrates how to stretch a cowboy boot, which is similar to stretching a combat boot. Before you do any stretching, use an aerosol shoe stretch spray or a shoe stretch liquid on the desired spots of the boot.

Once you fit the stretcher completely in the boot, crank the lever until it gets snug. Be sure to crank it three or four more times after that, too. Set it aside over night, and you’re on your way to better-fitting boots in no time.

Have you ever stretched your military boots before? What’s your secret to improving a boot’s fit? Share your experiences and tips!

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