Infographic: AK-47 vs. AR-15

What’s the difference between the AK-47 and the AR-15? If you check out the following infographic, you’ll discover more than a few distinctions between the two rifles.

AK-47 vs. AR-15

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  1. I can settle this argument simply by Quoting The Bard of Avon “The proof of the pudding after all is in the Eating” allow me to explain the Russians developed the AK47 with its ammo 7.62×39 in 1947 and this was theyre standard issue until 1974 when they changed to the AK74 which is also a round they developed 5.45x 39. Now I will make my point this ak74 has been the standard issue since 1974 if you will notice it is a round that is smaller then the American standard of 5.56×45 M16 round care to know the reason OK I wll tell you, The Vietnam war was a proxy war between Russia and America as such there were Russian soldiers in Vietnam and some were wounded some Killed and the Russian government realized the immense wound damage that the 5.56 was inflicting and how efficiently the round killed and how bad the wound damage was that they understood why the the Vietnameese Communist called this the poison bullett. Because of this realization the Russians developed the current issue round which they found to be much more effecient then the 7.62 for so many ballistic reason they cant be explored here.One last comment I have foreever seen the test that pit an AK47 vs AR15 they are shooting cement blocks these test are completley BOGUS MAN how many Cement Blocks have ever participated in an Ambush or Comabat Answer NONE.

  2. This argument will always come down to preference for most diehard weapons guys, however they both offer an operator great advantages depending on what your targets and missions are. Most AK lovers will always site the fact that the AR does not like dirt. This is true. They also will quickly bring to light that the Ak does not care about how dirty it gets while still capable of shooting. This is also true. If you have to take a side in this battle, and most folks think they do, I will have to go with the AR. The AR is more of a surgical weapon it’s more refined then the AK simply put it has better manners. It’s lighter, tighter more accurate and easy to disassemble. Do not get me wrong as I stated earlier the AK has venues where it is a better weapon but in the long run you have to go with the AR. Don’t mistake the fact that because it’s cheaper to make, and buy and that most of the 3rd world countries in the world can get it ( which is why it’s so “popular”) that this makes it a better weapon. Accuracy will always beat out the spray and pray. Either way a highly trained marksman with either of these weapons is going to be a problem for anyone. By the way I’m Steve a former U.S. Army combat operator and veteran of desert shield, and desert storm. I am a federal agent with one of our countries largest agencies and I bring 20 plus years of law enforcement experience to this conversation. I hope this helped and did not further confuse anyone. Stay safe and always check your six.

  3. I completely disagree with Don. The 5.56/.223 is a smaller bullet compared to 7.62, but it has very good killing potential. The 5.56 may not have the knock down power or penetration of the 7.62 but the smaller bullet will fragment and tumble once it hits a target causing better internal damage, where the 7.62 round may just go in one side and out the other not producing as much damage internally. Their is a reason our military and our allies use the 5.56 round. The AK vs. AR is a battle that will never be decided. I do not believe one rifle is superior to the other. Both have strengths and weaknesses.

  4. I had a bushnell 223/556 AR-15 and also a longer barrel AK-47 762.39mm. I figured I did not need both weapons so I decided to keep the Ak because of it’s larger caliber and farther travel distance. In my opinion the Ak-47 is not 30% less accurate than the AR-15 for I firmly believe if you are a decent shot, you can lay the rounds of the Ak-47 anywhere you wish! I am very satisfied for the Ak’s simplicity and also it’s track record in the field. Thanks , Mike retired Naval intelligence and U.S. Federal agent Not to mention 6 years on Knoxville Tn. city police department.

  5. the m16 or 15 is light but does not like dirt an has got a lot of our men killed. most know a heavyer bullet is needed hell in most states you can not use this bullet anything above a rabbit because of not making a now kill. you think a man is any difference? an the military can not use sofepoints the ak47 has proven it self the worid over shake it it rattles like hell throw it in the sand still fill you at over 200 yards

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