Intense Video Previews Kitanica PNT X.A

Have you heard of LabZero Productions? We discovered their videos today during a comb of YouTube. They have published a series of sophisticated tactical-inspired review videos that are seriously impressive.

Uploaded two days ago, a video that previews Kitanica’s apparel line really intensifies Kitanica’s look, which is pretty tactical to begin with. Intense yes, but the video really didn’t show the PNT X.A and all its multi-pocket glory. However, Kitanica’s first-ever promotional video took care of that.

Anyway, this video┬ádefinitely┬áhas our interest piqued, and we’re looking forward to watching LabZero’s upcoming full review of Kitanica.

What do you think of LabZero’s video? Who are your favorite video gear reviewers?

2 Comments on “Intense Video Previews Kitanica PNT X.A

  1. hola amigos me encuentro ubicado en bogota colombia, y quisiera adquirir un pantalon de estos como hago gracias

  2. i bought a pair of these kitanica pnt xa pant and they are amazing quality and performance wise they move and feel like very comfortable tactical pants. the only problem i had which wasn’t really a problem is that their is Velcro on the 4 main cargo pockets so i took the pant to a family friend who is also an exceptional tailor i just provided the 1 inch webbing and side release buckles and he fixed them on the pant. i was sure to leave the original Velcro i just took some Velcro off something and put it on their so the only closure is the side or quick release buckles, now the pants and way better suited for a stealth mission silent openings and the black color doesn’t hurt.

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