Interview: Woolrich Elite’s Brian Miller

Brian Miller was recently named merchandise manager of the Woolrich Elite Series Tactical line. Woolrich launched the Elite line in 2006. It aims to meet the tactical and concealed carry needs for the military and law enforcement community as well as civilians.

“Every day I come into work, I’m excited to be here,” said Miller about his employment at Woolrich. “I enjoy designing products for the tactical industry that are recognized as among the best in the market place.”

Woolrich Elite's Brian Miller

In 1979, Miller began his career at Woolrich. He has held various positions in the company, most recently as manager of field operations and quality assurance in Woolrich’s government contracting division.

Previously, Miller was the acting product manager for the tactical line in addition to his quality assurance managerial position. With this new title, his role in the Elite Series was expanded and allows him to devote his full attention to all that is tactical. Today, he continues to focus on design, product development and merchandising. Regarding sales, he leads product training for sales representatives.

Additionally, he participates in various conventions and shows, which is an excellent way to both inform the public about the line and receive feedback about the tactical clothing. Just prior to the interview, he had spent a week at Gunsite Academy testing new products.

“It’s fun, and I enjoy it,” said Miller of the shows. “l love introducing people to the Woolrich Elite Series Tactical brand and the products we offer.”

During the events, he always wears products from Elite Series Tactical, finding it easier to highlight the features of the clothing this way.

Speaking to tactical operators and members of the law enforcement agencies, Miller has found that they want a wider selection of wardrobe options. With innovative features, the Elite Series Tactical line has indeed offered consumers more variety. As innovation, he specifically pointed out the magnetic closures and hook-and-loop convertible pockets, which several other manufacturers have started to incorporate into their tactical lines.

Woolrich Elite Lightweight Tactical Pants

Miller translates his extensive knowledge of quality assurance into developing and designing tactical clothing for Woolrich. For every piece of tactical garb, a number of factors are tested and addressed, including fabric and feature performance. “We are constantly developing new things and modifying those garments to ensure the ultimate in functionality and durability,” Miller said.

Although Woolrich products are predominately manufactured overseas, Miller explained that the highest quality checks are performed prior to shipment to the U.S. and upon arrival. Quality and functionality is further ensured through ongoing feedback from end users who test and review products.

“As we go forward with the spring 2011 additions to the line, I think people are going to rethink their perceptions of tactical clothing and how it can be worn for everyday concealed and carry,” stated Miller of the future of Elite Series Tactical.

The latest in the line is set to be unveiled at the 2012 SHOT Show.

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