Introducing Kitanica PNT X.A Tactical Pants

Imagine how the paparazzi treat a new starlet. The garish, potbellied thugs pace outside her home, hovering around the wrought-iron gate while shoveling Coffee Bean muffins down their gullets and wiping sweat beads away with a star map. Once she makes the descent from her private castle, they clamor her name. Then they strike.

That intro was inspired by the paparazzi-like photos of the new tactical pants from Kitanica (below). And we were going to mention that we’ve been lurking outside of the Kitanica corporate office in Oakland, Calif., digging through disturbingly rank Dumpsters for blueprints and watching employee movements through telescopic lenses, innocently seeking the 411 on their new trousers. But that’s just too weird. And, no, we really haven’t.

Now we’re thinking that paparazzi might need a pair of these PNT X.A ($160) to hold all their stalker tools. With 12 pockets, dual-waist cinches, PALS webbing and drawstring cuffs, the new pants in a 65/35 poly cotton-blend are tactical enough to hold camera equipment, a Blackberry or two and just enough Red Bull to get photogs through the day. The heavy-duty tactical pants also tout articulated knees and a reinforced butt, which a paparazzo really needs to run to celebs and from the law.

Although Kitanica isn’t marketing the pants to those dregs of society, we think they’re a worthy market. Really! Tip o’ the hat to for pointing us to these sleek, stone-colored cargos. They sure are pretty (and little pricey!). Must be that lifetime coverage‚Ķ

And if you’ve never heard of Kitanica before, it was founded by Beej Cronin, a sewer, designer a pattern maker who started the company along with his brother back in 1995. It’s biggest claim to fame? Having Mythbuster’s Adam Savage sport its Mark IV Jacket on TV without even knowing it. The tactical jacket became an overnight sensation.

7 Comments on “Introducing Kitanica PNT X.A Tactical Pants

  1. Hi Raybyrd,

    We no longer carry this pant on our store. You can contact the manufacturer directly for ordering information:

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Good luck with finding your pants!

  2. hi…this is perfect pant, how much would you charge for the shipment if in case, im interested with this pants

  3. Where can I purchase these pants and what is the cost ?

  4. perfect! i will be buying at least two pair, along with the shorts, and the two jackets.

    can’t wait

  5. PALS stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder System. You can use it to attach holsters, magazine pouches, radio pouches … that sort of stuff. But you’re right, it doesn’t have anything to do with pockets. The PALS webbing on these pants appear on the left hip. Sorry if that came across confusing in the write up!

  6. Gotta ask a question, here…the only acronym my brain comes up with for PALS is Pediatric Advanced Life Support…..What does that have to do with pockets?

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