iPad 3 Meets Tactical Pants

When Apple unveiled its next generation of iPad, we looked down at our tactical pants and wondered if that awesomely oversized pocket could hold our beloved mobile computing device. With the dimensions remaining the same, we remembered the Tactical Pants Blog‘s quest for the perfect iPad 2 pocket. In this experiment, they tested the pocket capacity limits of the biggest brands in operator apparel.

Luckily, they photo documented the experiment, so you don’t have to take our word for it.

Genuine Gear – An affordable fit

One of the clear winners, Genuine Gear’s tactical pants ($29.99) would easily holster the newest addition to the iPad family. Pictures don’t lie… the iPad 2 fits in not one, but two pockets—the cargo pocket and the front pocket with the flap open. However, if you aren’t paying attention at all times, that pricey Apple investment could come crashing to the ground.

5.11 Tactical – Not even close

The iPad 2 didn’t quite fit in the 5.11 Taclite Pro Pants or the original weight. No amount of shoving will make that iPad 3 slide into either styles’ pockets.

Blackhawk – A good fit is hard to come by

The discontinued Blackhawk Warrior Wear Tactical Pants were proclaimed the best fit. Unfortunately, it’s not an item that can easily found, well, anywhere. Sorry dudes.

Kitanica – Ehhh… Almost

While the more expensive trousers on the list, Kitanica’s tactical pants had two pockets that could carry the iPad. However, the test subject shared that it didn’t feel 100 percent safe for that Apple.

Perhaps in a perfect world without jostles or pickpockets and absolute surefootedness, the iPad could be securely stowed in your fave pair of tactical pants. Sadly, until a pocket is tailored to the cradle that fragile device, we would suggest sticking to that backpack, briefcase or oversized purse (or murse).

What pair of tactical pants would you deem worthy to transport that iPad 3?

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