iPad: Will It Fit in Andy Ihnatko’s Tactical Internet Pants?

Will the iPad fit in tactical pants?It’s been less than 24 hours since Apple unveiled its new tablet computer. Its name? iPad. And stop with the feminine hygiene jokes already … we’ve heard them all! Personally, we prefer iTab.

While many are questioning Apple’s choices (like, why make a giant iPhone without a camera?), here’s a question you might not have heard: Will the iPad fit in Andy Ihnatko’s famous tactical Internet pants?

This question directed at the Chicago-Sun Times technology scribe was tweeted and retweeted numerous times yesterday. Ihnatko, who attended the iPad launch in San Francisco, was posting live coverage on his blog all day. It seems like everyone wanted to know if the 1.5-pound, 9.7-inch tablet would squeeze into one of the many tac trouser pockets.

His response?

@Ihnatko: @nevadadealers I wanted to see if the iPad would fit in my Internet Pants pocket, but saw that motion as a career-limiting move. 🙂

All that buildup for … that?! Now we’re actually curious: Does it really fit? We’re gonna go out on a limb and say maybe. It looks just a little too big. However, if it fits a Kindle, then perhaps…

If you’re not familiar with Ihnatko, he held a contest on his blog in 2008 searching for the perfect pair of Internet pants. Naturally, he declared 5.11 tactical pants his favorite, and geeks everywhere took notice. Watch the infamous video where Ihnatko explains his love for Internet pants and demonstrates just how much tech gear can be crammed in its pockets.

UPDATE: @motiongfx posted this picture on Twitter of an iPad in his jeans pocket. We’re fairly certain Photoshop was at play. (Hat tip to @bittner)

Will iPad fit in a pants pocket?

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  3. Anytime!! 🙂 Actually Ihnatko has agreed to be interviewed by the Tactical Pants Blog, so keep an eye out for more Internet pants talk soon!

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