Is Your Gun Holster Simply Rugged?

Simple. Rugged. These two descriptors are what Simply Rugged Holsters were founded on. “As the name indicates, each gun holster is a simple design, but also very rugged and will protect the firearm while you are out in the field or carrying concealed,” wrote owners Rob and Jan Leahy on the website.

Most of the holsters have the pancake design. The gun is held firmly between two pieces of leather. The wide-set belt slots hold the gun close to the body and apply tension to the gun. “It is a very stable design concept; the gun rides with your body, it becomes part of you and does not flop around.”

The holsters are hand molded around each type of firearm, which provides a snug fit. The leather is dyed a cordovan color and finished with a clear coat to protect the leather. They offer a conversion system, the Chesty Puller, which allows customers to carry their belt holsters on their chests or under their arms.

“Most of our holsters do not require snaps or straps for field retention purposes. They are closely molded to a specific model of pistol. They will surpass the ‘One G test’ of combat competition.” Essentially, they promise that handgun will stay in place if holstered in a “simply rugged” manner.


Mr. Leahy shared some photos of his everyday packing rig for his Smith & Wesson Mountain Gun.

“I carried this for years in North Idaho, Alaska and now back in the high desert of Northern Arizona,” he said. “Loaded with .44 specials, it is nearly the perfect packing pistol. This old shark skin over leather holster is as tough as the gun, it’s been on an impromptu swim in the waters of Prince William Sound, held my gun in place during other misadventures and so comfortable I have slept with it on during marathon fishing trips along the Russian river.”

“I am blessed to be able to make a living building holsters and gear for good folks,” he added.

When do you prefer to use leather holsters?

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  1. For many years I followed the nylon holster crowd. I never gave it much thought, so to speak , in regards to a good quality leather holster. When I bought a Sourdough for a Ruger Super Blackhawk I had an epiphany. I never wore a more comfortable and secure holster in my life. Soon I bought one for a couple of other revolvers I own. I find that the main difference is when you are wearing a holster for any length of time and in varied terrain in hunting or trapping situations you will soon see that lesser holsters fall behind. Nylon seems to wiggle on your waist and at least for me I am constantly adjusting it. I never had to do that with a Sourdough. Also it holds the gun in a very comfortable position. There is nothing more irritating to your lower back and sciatica that an ill fitted and worn holster.

  2. I prefer to use leather holsters when they look as sharp as this one! Very nice product. Thank you for sharing!

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