James Cap Gets His Gun Rights

After spending two-and-a-half years fighting for the right to bear arms, 46-year-old James Cap was awarded a gun permit last week.

Why was he fighting for these rights? His condition as a quadriplegic made some question his ability to handle a firearm, especially because of his proposed set up. In order to aim and fire, he would need to breathe through the tube of a special device, which would have to be set up by a friend.

According to The Star-Ledger, Superior Court Judge John Pursel told Mr. Cap “I hope you enjoy the use of your firearm” right before signing the order. While the judge ruled in Mr. Cap’s favor, the debate on whether a person who is physically unable to shoot a gun should be permitted to use one.

On the story comments section on NJ.com, one person writes, “The police chief who originally denied the permit was correct. This guy (Cap) is an accident waiting to happen.”

Another commenter over at Huffington Post showed support for Mr. Cap, writing: “Thank god for some judges that understand what the Constitution actually SAYS!”

The Young Turks called the ruling “absurd” and said “I can’t have you pulling a trigger by breathing. What if you sneeze?” See the opinion commentary video below.

What do you think about Mr. Cap’s personal victory?

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