Jargos: The New Jean Cargos

Today we wore jeggings (jean leggings) to the office only to discover jargos. It was almost like kismet. But not quite.

Jargos are exactly what they sound like—jean cargos. At first they might appear to share similar qualities of tactical jeans from 5.11 or EOTAC. But don’t be fooled. Some label this new denim creation as distasteful; others have given it a straightforward “um, no” review.

The designer Closed has launched a mom jeans-esque baggy version of jargos (pictured on the right). Prior to its latest foray into the jargo world, Closed became known in the ’70s for its stone wash technique (who could have guessed?).

The jeans—called “Krysten”—do boast some tactical pants qualities. Not only is it made from 100% cotton, it also touts reinforced knees. Well, knee patches. Close enough, right?

Now if you’re really interested in purchasing these pants, the price tag is a shocker. For one pair, it’s $285. Yep.

Other brands are releasing a skinny-jeans version of jargos similar to skinny cargos, which were paraded on runways in early spring.

For men, this latest trend falls in the same vein as jorts, or jean shorts. So, let’s just pretend we never discovered these pants, and you can stick to wearing tactical jeans. Deal?

If it’s too late to turn back the clock, why not publically declare your affinity for jargos on Facebook.

So, would you wear jargos? How about tactical jeans? Who could you envision sporting this latest trend?

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  1. where can I purchase the Jargos jeans in mens sizes? I need a 38 waist 30 length.
    What other brand looks like the Jargos?


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