LAPG Operator Pants Video Review

Founded by a former Los Angeles police officer, LA Police Gear is known for having some of the lowest prices on tactical pants in the biz.

While many tactical operators automatically associate low price with low quality, James G. of Death Valley Magazine sets the viewers straight in this highly favorable review of LA Police Gear’s operator pants. As one of LAPG’s most loyal fans, James conducts his “no bullshit” review from the battlegrounds in Baghdad.

Claiming the LAPG operator pants are his “favorite pair of tactical pants,” James discusses many of the product attributes that influence this claim. First and foremost, James is impressed with the quality of the pants. He says they are in great shape even after wearing them for seven months, 18 to 20 hours per day, four to five days per week in Iraq.

Here are a few of the other features James loves about the discount pants:

  • The belt loops fit a riggors belt or possibly even a larger belt.
  • All plastic hardware does not set off the alarm in airports.
  • The two front slash pockets are deeper than other tactical pants, so things won’t fall out. They also adjust when you sit down.
  • Quality stitching for durable construction.
  • The crotch has extra room for maximum mobility.
  • Adjustable sides provide a great fit even when he’s not wearing a belt.
  • They look normal at home, so he can even wear them to Starbucks.
  • The knees are double layered and have a slot inside so he can insert extra knee cushion.
  • A double layered back that fits, well, like real pants and doesn’t hang down like the 5.11 pants often do.
  • His favorite thing is the “kickass pocket,” which is a big, expandable side cargo pocket with a hook and loop closure (like Velcro) to hold a ton of stuff. It even has two extra pockets sewn inside of the large pocket.
  • But the best part BY FAR is the price of just $19.95.

These LAPG tactical pants are highly, highly recommended and are also the official pants of team James does note that these “awesome pants” tend to run a bit small, so consider ordering up a size if you plan to purchase them.

We asked James if he’d ever tested a pair of Genuine Gear’s tactical pants, and he said he hasn’t even heard of that brand. We’re interested to hear his opinion on Propper’s discount tactical pants and see how it stacks up to LAPG’s operator pants. That’s why we are offering to send him a pair straight to Baghdad. We hope he accepts the invitation.

What do you think of LAPG operator pants? Does Genuine Gear offer an equally remarkable product?

3 Comments on “LAPG Operator Pants Video Review

  1. @foxtrot. I’ve wondered the same, I have a fleece LAPG jacket that is 100% ripped off of the ranger hoodie. Ditto the pants and TAD’s force 10s.

    TAD used to have an LAPG with a red slash over it like a no smoking sign on some of their product pages on their site, like a no smoking sign you know?

    Anyway, pretty sad. I loved finding LAPG and paying 16 bucks for the operator pants, until I discovered the mountain of awesome that is TAD and realized LAPG stole all their cool ideas…

  2. I love the LA Police Gear Operator Pants. I wore them on two tours in Iraq and they saw some action. They really held up well. Keep up the good work LAPG! You guys rock!

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