Leather Gun Holsters

Leather is one of the best materials for gun holsters. Leather is fairly stiff but still pliant, and it comes in a number of common choices. Leather holsters are both attractive and pliant, and they come in a number of colors or embossed with designs that give a decorative touch. A leather holster should fit the gun tightly. Some holsters fit with tension screws, and if your holster has these screws, they may need to be tightened or loosened until the desired tension is achieved, especially for the first time you fit your gun into the holster. If the holster seems too tight, the natural leather will stretch, and you can help it along (one of the benefits of a holster made of natural fiber). Holding your unloaded gun by the grip, push it into the holster while holding the safety strap with your other hand. This will allow the handgun to seat in the holster. Do this several times to break in the holster. If your holster does not have a safety strap, hold the holster body while doing the procedure described above.

Ladies who carry weapons have special requirements that men do not and leather holsters often fit a woman’s needs. Leather holsters can be worn at the waist, back, or thigh, but for women, sometimes a more versatile option is necessary. Many companies offer handbags with a slot inside for a weapon. Also, many leather holsters are shaped to better fit against a woman’s body, for both comfort and concealment, if necessary.

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  1. please send me alittle more on your holsters,so i can see more of what you have in stock. thank you

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