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It seems that every camouflage article these days is talking about the less than stellar performance of the Universal Camouflage Pattern aka UCP. So while we’re sitting in wait for that new camo from PEO Soldier, we thought we would do a countdown of gear in everyone’s favorite UCP alternative pattern—MultiCam.

ACU Coats & Pants

When things start to heat up, these ACU coats and ACU pants will make that patrol more bearable. Made of a breathable nylon/cotton ripstop, they are both fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant and retail for $79.99. The uniform is vat-dyed and permanent pressed to meet military specifications.

The coat incorporates hook and loop-faced patches where you can attach rank, unit and name insignia. Other key features include a hook and loop cuff closure, a three-slot pen pocket and mandarin collar. Both are outfitted with external kneepad and elbow pad pouches.


The Massif combat shirt ($179.99) is THE brand you to wear outside the wire. It is advertised as the only field-tested and authorized combat shirt allowed for troops. In fact, the digital tiger version can only be purchased after proof of your active military status. Durable and breathable, the shirt is created from an innovative fire-resistant fabric that boasts a four-way stretch.

[Massif Army Combat Shirt]

In most combat shirts, the torso is a different color than the sleeves. Not this Propper TAC.U combat shirt! Incorporating MultiCam throughout, the half-zip at the top allows for a little breathing room. Coming in at $74.99, the shirt has added bonuses like fulling articulated elbow pad openings, integrated dual cuff with thumb hole and right sleeve, dual-layer zippered pocket. It was definitely designed for high-intensity use and movement.

[Propper TAC.U Combat Shirt]

MultiCam Vests

The Blackhawk HPFU V.2 Performance Vest($79.99) is an updated variation of the original high performance fighting uniform. The tuxedo cut allows for easy access to belt-mounted items. The vest provides additional warmth and can be worn over the HPFU V.2 shirt.


[Blackhawk HPFU V.2 Performance Vest]

If you’re looking to create a more uniform look, slip the Tru-Spec Tru Extreme Vest ($69.99) on over that combat shirt. It’s made of 50/50 nylon cotton ripstop material. Its mandarin collar can be worn up to keep out any debris. Its front zipper has a hook and loop closure that provides a smooth uniform appearance.


Now available in MultiCam, the Magnum 8″ Spider 8.1 HPi ($182.99) is a non-metallic style. Its upper fuses leather with 1650 denier ballistic nylon, while the Spider Mesh lining and M-PACT contoured sockliner keeps you stepping comfortably. The exo-frame build incorporates a fast rope system.

[Magnum 8″ Spider 8.1 HPi ]

The Oakley Megawatt ($84.99) brings that military flair to casual shoes. These might look heavy duty, but remember they are intended for R&R-type activities.

[Oakley Megawatt]


These packs blend in perfectly. The CamelBak Linchpin ($207.90) takes it a step further and has a hydration capabilities. In fact, it carries up to a 3.1-liter reservoir. Specifically designed to transport ammunition and radio equipment, it allows you a full range of motion and easier movement through narrow spaces.

[CamelBak Linchpin]

One of our most popular packs on the site, the Oakley Icon Backpack 2.0 ($199.99) is sought after by MultiCam enthusiasts throughout the country. It has space for a laptop and a good portion of your gear and kit.

[Oakley Icon Backpack 2.0]

These are just a few of our MultiCam pieces… we have more than 75 items of clothing, gear and more! Make sure to check out

What’s your favorite piece of MultiCam gear?

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  1. My favorite piece of MultiCam gear is a backpack. I currently own a Tactical Rush 24 in MultiCam, and awaiting a Hazard 4 Evac Plan B in MultiCam. For some odd reason I only like MultiCam on a backpack. Tactical Rush, Maxpedition and Hazard 4 makes awesome backpacks that will probably outlive their buyers no matter how much weight and abuse we subject them to.

  2. Wow, I like it. I would naturally expect to see user reviews. Most products have strengths and compromises (not neccessarily weaknesses) that we should know about which would give us a chance to select/modify for our own needs. I do a lot of design work and appreciate an open non-cluttered layout.. Looks good so far, lets see how its received.

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