Magnetic Heels: The Latest in Combat Boot Innovation

Shock absorption. Heel strike reduction. It’s something sought after by long-distance hikers and runners worldwide. It’s also something to which Jeff Brown has dedicated his life.

It’s an idea that sounds both futuristic and insane. Yet two decades ago Brown decided to implant powerful magnets in boot heels as a way to reduce heel strike. He believes this technology will keep soldiers on their feet for longer periods with less physical strain.

He said his prototype – DAMPS Technology Smart Boots – have been tested during combat by Special Operation Forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Last week he answered some questions for us via e-mail about his dedication to the technology behind magnetic boot heels.

Without getting too technical, can you explain how magnets lessen heel strike?

In a proprietary advanced suspension/propulsion design, the like poles of DAMPS super magnets repel each other. These magnets are 30 times more powerful than your typical refrigerator magnets. That means soldiers are walking on the magnet polarity field created by these super magnets. The result? Heel strike is reduced by over 68 percent. Instead of hitting the ground at two to three times your body weight per square inch, DAMPS reduces that impact by 68 percent. Heel strike injury, plantar fasciitis, is the No. 1 injury seen by podiatrists.

In addition in normal walking gait, the DAMPS suspension systems actually adds real time propulsion, as the system returns to the starting unloaded force position.

When will your technology be picked up by mainstream manufacturer?

Jeff Brown and his magnetic boots

We are talking to and reviewing several companies for DAMPS Technology licensing partners.

Will our soldiers ever wear this technology?

Most definitely. Our soldiers, in fact anyone who has ever had an opportunity to wear DAMPS Smart Boots, have told us: “When you build it, we will come.”

What made you think magnets would work?

I didn’t at first. But after 22 years and 20 prototypes, we have the finest shock mitigation technology boots the world has ever seen and felt. I wear my boots every day. The funny thing is your body adjusts to the boots. And you are reminded when you take the boots off how hard the ground really is.


How did you think to use them to begin with?

I was in a motorcycle accident in 1988 and was laid up for nearly a year. In a weekly brain storming session with my brother, we saw a marketing angle for using magnets in footwear. Two decades, 80 investors a five-year legal battle with Adidas, a three-year battle with General Motors and 20 prototypes later, we have a one of a kind technology that allows soldiers, anyone, to walk 10 miles and save the shock of 7 miles. I am working on a movie script re the 20 year story of making DAMPS. Working title: Shoe Grit.

How is it proven to work?

We call it “the DAMPS One Step Difference.” Ask SORSE (Special Operations Research Development Test and Evaluation). They used and evaluated the boots for nine months, and they liked them. They were able to both fast rope them and conduct a HALO jump with them in the last two months. The evaluation said the boots were excellent for field wear, especially while under heavy loads.

After recommendation, our smart boots are now being evaluated at CENTCOM (U.S. Central Command) and AFSOC (Air Force Special Operations Command).

Can you really tell the difference?

No doubt! I know with all the marketing out there it can get a little confusing, but DAMPS is the real deal. In fact, I have a standing offer to the footwear industry. If someone can beat DAMPS Technology shock mitigation, I will eat my boots. I not only stand behind my product, I stand on it. The world will follow because the world follows the best.

10 Comments on “Magnetic Heels: The Latest in Combat Boot Innovation

  1. dumbest thing i have ever heard of, anyone that even considers to be legit is a fool. the heel was made for standing

    this is absurd, completely absurd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have had extensive foot reconstruction on both feet. I walk, but not without a lot of pain in the metatarsal areas, and my lower back and hips are starting to feel the damage. I’m always looking for shoes with extra shock absorption, and would (ahem) jump at the chance to try these out! I’m 46 and have been dealing with the stresses for 30 years, so the sooner these reach the market the better! I’ll offer myself as a test case!

  3. Good question. In an overload event, i.e. a soldier jumps off a roof, the DAMPS suspension/propulsion system compresses to a conventional composite outsole at max load. Please note that the advanced shock mitigation benefits are still realized during and up to those max overload events.
    In addition our proprietary outsole material has the highest resilience of any boot outsole material I am aware of, currently on the market. If one would drop our DAMPS Smart Boot outsole by itself, it will bounce.

    Part two; Yes and No depending upon landing angle/strike ground conditions and other external physical load factors.

    Thank you.

  4. In a static test how much weight does it take to fully compress the system?
    Is there any angular deviation in the repelling force (when walking) or is it restricted to a strictly vertical response?

  5. DAMPS Technology Smart Boots are about advanced heel strike shock mitigation, not so much about mind control. There’s a reason we call them Smart Boots. THX.

  6. so in other words this boot protects you from elect. mag waves and mind control that is being used all over the world! the low 2.5 hrz, to 5 waves

  7. Thank you for your interest and comments. We have worked for over 2o years to make sure DAMPS Technology is the real deal. I stand on that committment. Please stay tuned for availability.

    The DAMPS Inventor

  8. Where/when can I get a pair. I need them for search and rescue.

  9. are these available for sale yet? What about other designs than combat boots?

  10. I am a 100% Disabled Veteran. I have problems walking (kinda detailed, but it kinda involves what his system does).

    Perhaps Orthotics would also be a good application.

    I would be happy to Volunteer to test these in that repect.

    Regards the article, if this is NOT snake oil, WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

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