Magnum Boots Launches Blog, Gear Giveaway

A little tactical gear clad birdie or two may have told you about the recent Magnum Boots USA blog launch. Yes it’s true… you can now receive all the latest and greatest Magnum product updates, releases and news items via its new blog affectionately known as BLDG 4801.

“It’s our hope that the Magnum blog becomes an online home base where we can connect with our consumers and industry contacts with quality content as it relates to all of the areas we serve,” explained Alexis Nascimento, public relations manager for Magnum. “We are much more than just tactical, service and work/safety gear manufacturers. Our colleagues are our second family, and our HQ is our home away from home. Collectively, we have a unified voice – and opinions.”

The blog has been in the hopper for about a year now.

“We’ve been strategizing about the blog since late last year, but we really started putting the hammer to the nail after this year’s SHOT Show,” stated Nascimento. “Our marketing team has spent countless hours fine-tuning our strategy, design and approach with this blog, and I think that our efforts show in our attention to details.”

In the past, Magnum has successfully spread its news and product releases through social media outlets, but its growth and expanding product lines called for a more involved interaction with the public.

“As our presence continues to grow online, we want to be able to connect with our consumers on a deeper level in one centralized location,” said Nascimento. “Those who follow our blog will find some updates on our products, but they’ll also find a more personal look at the people behind Magnum USA, interviews with industry insiders, giveaways and honest product reviews from bloggers, publications and fellow consumers.”

Make sure to check out the blog before the end of this July. To celebrate the launch, a prize pack valued at $1,000 in Magnum gear will be awarded to one exceptionally fated blog subscriber. All you have to do is share the site with family and friends.

What do you think of the new Magnum blog?

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  1. There is no such word as ‘strategizing’ and even if there was it would be spelt ‘strategising’ but then you are unlikely to have a command of decent, correct English let alone it’s spelling. Nice boots though.

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