Marine Corps Recalls 8,000 Bates Military Boots

Photo by Rob Curtis and appeared on Marine Corps Times.

The Marines have recalled more than 8,000 of the new rugged all terrain boots or RAT boots. Predominately, the Bates boots are worn in Afghanistan and have been falling apart in the field reports Marines Corps Times.

The issues include separation of stitching and glue at the seams and the eyelets falling off. These eyelets allow boots to breathe and drain water.

The problems were not the result of the boots design, but rather the manufacturing process and the use of improper materials stated Lt. Col. Kevin Reilly, the program manager for infantry combat equipment at Marine Corps Systems Command in Quantico, Va. This has caused a “durability  issue.”

Only Bates’ version of the hot-weather RAT was purchased by the Marine Corps. Approximately 67,000 of the boots were delivered prior to the defects being identified. The contract was for 105,000.

Replacing the infantry combat boots the Marines have worn since 2002, the RAT boots are set to be the Marine Corps new standard. Currently, the Marine Corps and Bates are working on solving the newly discovered flaws.

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