Maxpedition Photo Contest: We have a winner!

We asked you for your best adventure photos and you delivered. From soldiers and operators to climbers and hikers, you sent in impressive photos from around the world. Selecting the winning picture weighed heavily on us here at But after hours of arguing, we chose one.

The Winner

Amy B. will be taking home the prize. The photo was taken mid-climb, as she conquered the Matanuska Glacier in Alaska this past July.

Operator Badassness

The assorted photos below were submitted by a couple of former Marines.

[Guam 1981.]

[Two real operators from back in the day. They were getting ready to go on a little post-dinner walk.  Taken in Republic of Vietnam in 1969.]

[Submitted with following caption “No one got the memo ‘never getting out of the boat.'” There might be a Apocalypse Now reference in there…]

STORY: Contest – Submit Your Adventure Photos

Hiking Dudes

Let’s not forget our hiking friends.

[Pic snapped during a hiking trip along Oregon Trail. Submitted by David S.]

[Taken this past September, this photo depicts a walk through Bentson State Park in Mission, Texas. Submitted by John L.]

[Norm White pictured at 9,200 feet at Carr Peak near Sierra Vista, Ariz.]

Norm White (pictured above) is a blogger for the Normanomicon and Keystone Guns, Gear and Guides wrote that this hike in particular “gave me the bug for hiking and camping.” He decided to hike while he was in the area on business. “We drove up to the halfway point and climbed and hiked around 5,000 feet to the top of the peak.¬†From there we were able to see everywhere, including into Mexico with binoculars.”

Norm explains that he was 40 years old at the time. ” The most memorable part of the entire trip though was when I spoke to my son via cell phone,” shared Norm. “I couldn’t believe I was able to get cell reception up there, but I was able to tell him good night that evening from almost 10,000 feet above sea level.”

Thank you for all the submissions!

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