Military Boots Blog: Belleville 950 En Route To Afghanistan

U.S. Army troops stationed in Afghanistan will be receiving new boots in the coming months. After years of trials, the U.S. Army has selected the Belleville 950 combat mountain hiker.

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Belleville 950 En Route To Afghanistan

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  1. Used them for a good couple of months. After a few thorough walks its has broken in pretty fine. Have only noticed how quickly after my third month of wearing them the soles on the side are detaching and some seams by the laces. Other than that had no problems.

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  3. Was issued two pairs of these via RFI for a trip to Afghanistan. They are worthless. The boot is so thick, you cannot feel your toe to get an idea where your toe is in relation to the end of the boot (sizing). The soles are so thick, they will not break in. The sole bends up at the toe and heel so far, I cannot get either heel or toe to make contact with the ground when I walk unless I over-exaggerate when I walk. Also, the nifty little locking mechanism on the laces is the worst idea I’ve seen in eight years of service. The lock the laces to the point that you have to go to the bottom line of laces and tighten each one individually, then hold the laces as tight as possible, try to lock the laces when keeping them taught and hope that this process works. In short, when you need to put these things on in a hurry, you can’t. Also, you cannot tighten the laces to the point of keeping the laces tight from bottom to top. What does this mean? Blisters. Enjoy your blisters. Instead of wasting my taxpayer dollars, the Army should just give you a $200 allotment before deployment for you to use towards boots. If it is over $200, that is your issue. If under, pocket it. If you decide to not purchase boots, tough.

    Rey Roman, send me your address and I’ll sell you these.

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