Military Boots in Small Sizes

Who says you have to be a size 9 to wear combat boots?

We don’t think so, and we’re sure all of the people out there who require size 3 or 4 boots agree. So, how come it’s super tricky to find big-time boots in small sizes?

While two manufactures make boots small enough for kiddos, you shouldn’t have to wear children’s boots just because your feet aren’t sized like Big Foot. However, if you are looking for military boots for kids, we know where to shop: will soon carry combat boots for children.

Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice quality in order to get the footwear you desire. We carry five brands that sell smaller-than-average combat boots, starting at size 3 or 4. And while we probably can’t supply boots for these feet, we’re pretty sure we have the boots for you. And if you seem to be having the opposite problem, refer back to our post “Big Boots for Big Feet.”

Which ones will you choose?

Rocky Rocky S2V ($204.99) comes in a size 4 in both sage or tan. With dri-lex lining and stretch lycra tongues, these flash- and water-resistant leather boots keep your feet snug and secure, no matter what size.

WellcoWellco 8″ Jungle Combat ($62.95) also can be found in a size 4. These boots in black or tan are soft toe for hot weather. They are puncture-, spike-, slip- and oil-resistant and have a direct molded sole for extra comfort. Wellco also offers the Wellco 8″ X-4orce ($76.95) in tan.

BellevilleWomen’s Belleville F390 ($101.99) are offered in size 4. With Vanguard running shoe sole construction and polyurethane cushion, these tan boots will go the distance. Belleville also carries two different men’s boots, starting in size 3: Belleville 300 ($101.99) and Belleville 795 ($139.99).

ConverseConverse 8″ Stealth CT SZ ($99.99) starting at size 3 (in black, tan or sage). These composite toe boots feature a side zip for easy-on, easy-off. They also boast a polyurethane cushion insert and shock eliminator heel cushion. If these boots don’t fit your fancy, Converse has two other options starting at size 4 including the Converse 8″ Stealth CT ($96.99) and the Converse 8″ Tactical ($137.99).

DannerDanner 8″ Desert Acadia (269.95) starting at size 4 (in light or dark tan). Ideal for warm conditions, this all-terrain boot provides breathable construction as well as maximum toughness and durability. Two other Danner selections, both starting at size 3 are Danner 10″ Fort Lewis Light GTX ($329.95) and Danner 8″ Marine ($271.95).

3 Comments on “Military Boots in Small Sizes

  1. I have served almost 5 years in the US Army and I have yet to find a pair of boots that fit. I really need some help finding a SMALL size 3 in a desert combat boot. I usually wear a size 2 in youth. Please let me know what the best pair of boots would be for me that are on your site. Thanks
    SGT Jernigan

  2. Hi Chuck,

    The boots are available in a men’s size 3 — not a women’s size 3. Sorry for the confusion.

  3. TO: Whomever
    RE: Huh??!?!

    ConverseWork offers their Stealth 8″ in a size 3? Women’s?


    ….as I just got off the phone with their specialists and they said they only go down to size 6 in women’s in this or any other model.

    If you’ve got the product, I’ll buy it for a women’s size 4 regular.


    [Why is it that God gave me weak ankles and I became a paratrooper?]

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