December’s Top 5 Gear Review Videos

We tapped the wires, bugged the phones, implanted tracking devices … all of which was pretty pointless because unearthing the best tactical gear video reviews this month was simple. All the usual suspects — Gear Geeks, Tacticalgearhead, Mil-Spec Monkey — uploaded homemade reviews to YouTube during December. Some, like Survivalist31, made a triumphant review return after a four-month hiatus.

And yes, we’re reviewing reviews. It’s the holidays, so give us a break!

Mil-Spec Monkey: Maxpedition 2009 Jumbo Variants (LEO, EDC, Mongo)
The Monkey really impresses us by reviewing three bags at once (or is it two?). Talk about mad multitasking skills. He’s rocking a sparkling white, super-professional presentation area and a well-trained cameraman that clearly blows away the competition. His insightful breakdown, especially when he uses props to demonstrate what goes where, is helpful to those who are freaked out by the sheer number of pockets on most tactical gear.

Favorite Monkey quote (at 5:09): “You gotta really make sure you know what you are doing. I don’t want anyone out there to be all blowing holes in their legs because ‘oh Mil-Spec Monkey did this.'”

ITS Tactical: 215 Gear Enhanced Rigger’s Belt
Firstly, watch out for the intro music. It’s a little jarring, especially if you have your headphones up a little too loud (like we did). It’s so nice to see side-by-side product reviews, especially for those not-so-savvy gearheads out there.

You know what else would be nice? We’d like to see the reviewer’s face. The camera is angled so that the focus in on the belts and the reviewer’s chest and arms. There’s so much that can be lost in translation when you hear someone’s voice, but you can’t see their face. However, the ultimate bonus to this video is the concise and easy-to-read written review, which you can check out here.

Tacticalgearhead: Jura Impressa F8 Automatic
The most random review, by far, came from our friends at Tacticalgearhead. Decidedly tired of the typical tactical products, they investigated a “tactical” coffee maker instead. You’ve got to love the natural setting in a fancy, granite counter-top kitchen. And it’s amazing that this machine is able to keep track of how many cups it brews (in this case, more than 500 in a year!).

The fact that the reviewer has used this machine almost every day for a year makes him basically an expert on this machine. Quote that sums up the entire review: “I have a preference for pressure-brewed coffee. I think it’s great.” Obviously he likes this machine. A lot.

Survivalist31: Maxpedition Falcon-II
With help from his dad, Survivalist31 was able to piece together an excellently edited review on Maxpedition Falcon-II (his new school book bag!) as well as an assortment of tactical items (including an Altoids case fire kit and a bright orange spork). With four months in the making, he does admit that he’s a busy guy, being a sophomore in high school and all. He also makes a mention of having family trouble, which we do appreciate the candidness, but perhaps a little TMI for backpack review? Maybe that’s just us.

We also love you, S31, but slow down. You are talking way too fast! On the other hand, we commend you on your Red Bull-esque enthusiasm. It’s obvious you were born a tac gear fan. S31 on sporks (at 4:15): “Best of both worlds: You got that spoon on there, and you’ve got that fork on the top. You can even draw a little face on there, and you’ve got spork men. You can play around with them, and have spork fights with your friends.”

Gear Geeks: Concealed Carr Holster by Maxpedition
For the first few seconds, Gear Geeks’ video review doesn’t disappoint with an edgy, compelling intro that obviously took more than a few seconds to put together. While the intro is highly impressive, it makes the muffled audio on the rest of the review that much more obvious.

Nevertheless, ShakyJake makes it up with his information-packed video and written review. And the camo background, which is similar to his theme on YouTube and his blog, provides an added layer of excitement to the review.

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