6 Essential Military Gear Critics

Reading online reviews is akin to being led across the street wearing a blindfold. You instill a great deal of trust in a publication or a single critic.

They could give a product a five-star, standout review. Yet when your order comes in the mail, you find out it works better as a doorstop. And you already have one of those.

Before spending hard-earned cash, it’s only natural to seek out these second opinions. However, some opinions are more reputable than others. Why? The respected critics harbor a vast knowledge about products within their industries and easily become trusted sources.

So, where do you turn? Here’s a list of six best of the best.

Name: Bryan Black


What he scopes: Knots, knots and more knots. His Knot of the Week feature ensures that no rope remains unknotted and no knot remains unearthed. Other reviews include more survival-type items.

Why we like him: His uber-polished site launched in early 2009, quickly becoming the destination for the tactical community. He even has his own iPhone app!

Most Popular Post: “40 Unique Places to Stash Firearms”


Name: Jeffrey Jacobs

Website: Gear Geeks Review

What he scopes: A healthy diet of tactical gear, watches, weapon accessories, Maxpedition gear, military clothing and an assortment of other doodads.

Why we like him: This eight-year Marine Corps reserve veteran now works in armed security and is an outdoor enthusiast. So, he has gear experience on and off the clock.

Latest video:


Name: John Weibull

Website: Tactical Gearhead

What he scopes: From boonies to coffee makers to tactical checkbook covers, random is the name of the game. If it’s tactical in the least bit, it’s getting reviewed.

Why we like him: Variety. With a new post about once a week, there’s a steady stream of new content and insights.

Latest video:


Name: MM

Website: MilitaryMorons.com

What he scopes: About six times a month, he posts in-depth reviews of military footwear, apparel and gear.

Why we like him: Since he’s never had military or law enforcement experience, he gives a civilian perspective on military gear he likes. There’s rarely (if ever) a negative review. There’s also an awesome number of product photos on this site.

Latest Video:


Name: Rob Curtis

Website: GearScout

What he scopes: Anything and everything military-related.

Why we like him: For more gear news and less opinion, Gear Scout is our milblog of choice with amazing high-def and original photography.

Best Tweet: @GearScout – Brits combine “custard” with Kevlar to make body armor 3x lighter, 10x tastier http://bit.ly/df0CxJ #Military #Gear Fri Jul 09 2010 17:46:59 (Central Daylight Time) via PEAR Services_Twitter


Name: The Monkey


What he scopes: Tactical wear gear, equipment, weapons and customized products.

Why we like him: His art and design background gives him heightened attention to details otherwise overlooked.

Latest video:

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  2. hi im living in srilanka, very much fond of buying one (Gdf 100) what is the best way of buying, my dought is delivery part to srilanka is it free or you have agent in my country.

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