Must-Reads: 6 Gear Blogs to Follow

It’s a big, convoluted World Wide Web out there. Even the most tech-savvy users may need a little assistance in finding blogs that cover specific topics, such as tactical gear reviews and industry news.

For those tactically minded ladies and gents, Tactical Gear Blog has compiled a short list of bloggers who we find especially relevant to this field. In fact, you may have seen some of their stuff retweeted or posted on our Facebook page.

The Things Worth Believing In

Thomas Gearce, a police lieutenant, posts on a number of subjects on The Things Worth Believing In. Covering topics like physical fitness, current news stories on law enforcement and the military training and, really, anything that would appeal to a “warrior.”

“I have come to be of the opinion that a true ‘warrior’ is someone who goes out into the world and engages in some sort of activity that serves someone other than himself,” he explains. “Soldiers, firefighters, EMTs, LEOs and numerous other professions can fit this description. That being said, being a warrior isn’t just having a job. There are plenty of people in those ranks that are just ‘grunts.’ Being a warrior implies a level of dedication, mindset and professionalism that places one in a different class. I blog about the stuff that I believe touches on the core of a person in that class.”

So, just who is this guy? Gearce summarizes himself as “a husband, father, police lieutenant, FBINA graduate, fitness buff, martial artist, hunter, reader, gun nut, conservative, Internet surfer. I was once a soldier, SWAT operator, rock climber, skydiver and overall adrenaline junkie.”

Gearce has channeled his various skills and areas of expertise into the blog. Nowadays, he shares that he would much rather talk about these things than do them.

“As I age, I am starting to find that I enjoy talking about some of these topics more than I enjoy doing them anymore,” says Gearce. “Life has a funny way of sorting out your priorities that way.”

The Things Worth Believing in Blog can be accessed via Facebook and Twitter.

Tactical Gearhead

Tactical Gearhead focuses on the review side of tactical things. The personal gear review blog thrives on the opinions and experiences of the three bloggers — Andreas, Cindy and John. Starting the blog a few years back, the three usually provide a video within their reviews, which makes them very user-friendly.

“I met Andreas at Kenyon College, we were college roommates, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since,” says John. “We both like gear, particularly everyday carry and things of that nature. We had been fans of MilSpec Monkey for quite some time, so we decided to do something similar and start a website.”

John met Cindy when he was involved with the Midway Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol in Chicago. “We were ground pounders together, meaning we did ground search and rescue,” states John. ” While the pilots and spotters located downed aircraft from the air, it was the job of the ground crew to do the actual search and rescue work.  It was a lot of fun being with the Civil Air Patrol, and Cindy and I loved every minute of it.”

Explaining that Cindy had a background deeply rooted in the outdoors, John states that she was a natural fit for team Tactical Gearhead. “She’s a champion archer and even has her own hunting reality show. She’s written quite a few nice articles about hunting gear for us.”

Transparency is super important in this blog. They strive for honesty in all of their posts. They explain they are not influenced by “freebies” and to avoid any confusion they provide whether they purchased the gear or it was sent to them in every post. Looking to the future, the trio will be adding a new blogger to the mix.

“This year will be an even better year for Tactical Gearhead because we will be adding a fourth blogger, Al,” John explains. “Al is a zoologist and has gone on research trips to exotic places such as Mongolia, and is planning on going to Borneo.  We hope to utilize his field experience for more extensive field tests of equipments.”

Stay informed on all that is Tactical Gearhead on Facebook.

Tactical Fanboy

Craving a more entertainment driven tactical blog? Richard Graves, writer for Tactical Fanboy, posts multiple times a day on movies, video games, software, random news items — just about anything that is funny or interesting and tactical. Originally, Graves wrote for Soldier Systems Daily, which is why the format may seem familiar to SSD fans.

“Awhile back we realized that as our readership grew, so did their interests begin to vary, and in response, our editorial content began to shift somewhat as well,” reads the official statement for the birth of Tactical Fanboy. “Ever conscious of our core readership — industry, government, and military — we became a bit concerned that we had lost some of our focus. In that notion, the idea for Tactical Fanboy was born. Officially launched during SHOT Show, you can think of it as sort of an alter ego. Over the past few months TFB’s fan base has grown and grown.”

“Now, we can have our cake and eat it, too, and so can you. SSD at work and TFB at home. SSD has moved back to its roots concentrating on hardcore government and industry news, while TFB has picked up the more recreational and entertainment sides of this community, with a little bit of humor and risqué content thrown in for good measure. While this may mean no more worries about running across content on SSD that may be questionable at work, don’t just write TFB off as some milsim wannabe site. The name might be lighthearted but the content will always be on point.”

TFB is more of a traditional blog in that readers are encouraged to comment on its content. Fans can follow TFB on Facebook and Twitter.

Trigger Pull Tactical

Trigger Pull Tactical features articles regarding tactical information, gear and officer related news. On occasion, the author will break up the more serious topics with funny, motivational-poster styled pictures and amusing videos.

TPT was started almost two years ago,” writes the creator of Trigger Pull Tactical, who wishes to remain anonymous. “The reason initially for the site was to post articles and information for the tactical military and law enforcement world. At the time there really wasn’t a lot of information for those warriors that were reaching out to the vast world of the Internet for more advanced thoughts on their careers. It is amazing how the Internet has given warriors the wealth of information at their fingertips. It used to take a 20-year career to be exposed to [that information].”

The creator of Trigger Pull Tactical is a former Marine and operator of a full-time SWAT team. Currently, he has a decade in law enforcement and is a tactical trainer. In the past he has posted his own beliefs on tactical training for military and law enforcement. Recently, he shared that time constraints had forced him to repost relevant law enforcement articles and videos with a few lines of his commentary.

“I believe the more one reads and learns, the more prepared he will be for life. This translates into the law enforcement/military world easily. I believe more people need to train and train harder and hopefully some of the information on my site leads to that.”

TPT’s Facebook page has quite the following. Warriors can also stay updated on TPT through Twitter.

Gun Critic

On his site Gun Critic, Matt Lerche explains that it’s intended purpose was to make researching firearms more convenient. It’s a place for shooting enthusiasts to share their knowledge and weigh in on particular models.

“ was originally launched February 2010,” shares Lerche. “I was in the market for a new firearm, but the majority of firearm reviews were from one single person. I wanted to read multiple cases much like Amazon users reviewing products. There was one website out there, but the reviews were one or two sentences at the most. Finding multiple reviews that were in-depth just wasn’t possible to find.”

“Frustrated by the lack of review websites, I decided to build and launch GunCritic,” says Lerche. “I still consider GunCritic to be in its beta phase, as I continue to work on additional features and receive feedback on firearms and performance. So far within it’s first year, the site has been well received by firearm enthusiasts.”

So far, Lerche has amassed a large collection of firearm reviews, and it keeps expanding. Being a one-man website, he states that he does his best to get as much detail and information as possible. He encourages readers to let him know if something should be revisited, revised or edited.

“I have about 700+ firearms available to be reviewed by users and adding more weekly,” says Lerche. “If we don’t have a firearm someone would like to review, I can add within minutes.”

Gun enthusiasts can keep abreast of breaking Gun Critic news on Twitter.

ITS Tactical

ITS Tactical provides an immense variety of tactical information on its website. The site’s content ranges from humor and interviews to gear reviews to medical tidbits to DIY projects. The combined experience of the ITS Tactical crew provides for a uniquely diverse yet very tactical take on subject matter relating to the outdoors, gear, military, government and law enforcement.

“I founded ITS Tactical after being medically retired from the Navy due to a diving accident that left me unable to fulfill my service,” writes Bryan Black, editor-in-chief. “After finishing up my degree on the GI Bill in 2008 and running my own web design company, I decided to create a resource for the community I still feel very much attached to. I’ve always had a passion for teaching and giving back in any way I can.”

Interested to a multiple viewpoints, ITS Tactical endeavors to be “an open-source community of different methods, ideas and knowledge that could one day save your life.” The writers generally review everyday gear and refrain from “trashing it” unless it could compromise the safety of the wearer.

“ITS was started in April of 2009 as a way to give back by providing open-source gear reviews, do-it-yourself articles and skill-set information to the tactical community,” states Black. “We’re largely supported by our membership consisting of those in and with interests in the military, law enforcement, government and the outdoors.”

Leaving no social media outlet unexplored, you should not have a problem plugging into ITS Tactical. Watch its videos on YouTube, comment on its wall posts on Facebook or read their tweets via Twitter.

Notice any interesting or informative tactical websites or blogs? Submit them in the comments section.

2 Comments on “Must-Reads: 6 Gear Blogs to Follow

  1. Thanks for compiling a great list of gear blogs! I have been following Tactical Fanboy and Gun Critic for quite a long time now. What I really like about Tactical Fanboy is that it keeps coming up with interesting, gripping reads from time to time. Reading articles on tactical gear can get extremely boring, but Fanboy writers have the art to keep you gripped till the very end.

    They cover a vast spectrum of topics, which is also why the readers are never bored. From common tactical products, and software to random news, movies and video games, there’s always something new.
    Thanks Nora, now I will also check other blogs you’ve listed.

  2. I also recommend ITS Tactical as a great source of gear and tactical info. Bryan does regular videos on gear, knots and tactics.

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