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Oakley Military Boots

Our friends over at sent over this great close-up this morning of a combat boot squish-squishing along the soppy ground. According to the photo caption, the boot belongs to a U.S. Soldier from Red Platoon, Combined Security Force who is conducting quick response force rehearsals at the Emergency Response Unit Compound in Kirkuk, Iraq.

Now it’s time to test your boot knowledge. Can you guess what brand of military boots is pictured above? Is it Bates, Converse or Danner? How about Tactical Research, Rocky or Oakley? Check back tomorrow for the answer.

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  1. That’s MARPAT camo trousers used by the USMC not the army so he’s a Marine not a soldier. Marines aren’t authorized to wear Oakley boots unless they’re with snipers, recon, marsoc, or some other special MOS where it would be authorized. I personally love Oakley boots and think they should get in collaboration with the USMC, give them a good deal and make a good boot with a EGA on it for regular 0311’s to wear.

  2. I’m a footwear designer, and i have a grate preference in military boots. With totally certain this boot is a Oakley Assault Boot, in Desert color. A few military members can use this boot, because what oakley have a limited production of these boots for USArmy.
    This is a great boot, is confortable, having a insole E.V.A that can absorbe the impact and promove a good cushioning, special for ride on long distances.
    The rubber sole, have a great grip, that make a heavy control of movements in accidented terrain. And your double material layers dont wet in rainning days.
    This is the best boot!!

  3. it looks to be an oakly boot. Personally I prefer the Converse boot but I know that foot wear is a personal preference.

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