Name Those Boots

When you think of military boots, it’s hard not to think of us. At least that’s what our friends over at always say.

Recently they sent us a  picture featuring all sorts of hardcore footwear stomping through Kandahar Air field in Afghanistan. We attempted to identify all four different sets of combat boots. However, we were only able to correctly name two. Scope the picture below, and check out what boots the Airmen of the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing are lacing up.

Can you name all four types of boots that appear in this photo? So, is it Bates, Wellco, Blackhawk or Converse? Or could it be Rocky, Tactical Research, Belleville or Timberland? Click on the photo for a closer view.

UPDATE: In a single tweet, the folks over at U.S. Cavalry were able to name each boot. They tweeted: From left 2 right: Rocky S2V, Altama 9″ Desert Boot, Belleville 310 & Tactical Research Kiowa.

Nice work! Especially on figuring out Altama by just looking at 1/4 of the boot. Next time you have a picture of an unidentified boot, you know who to tweet. Until next time…

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