New Additions to the Oakley PRIZM Line

Oakley_Covert_PRIZMWinter is over, the sun is shining and Oakley has just what you need to ring in the new season. In 2014, the brand launched its initial lineup of glasses featuring PRIZM lenses. This proprietary technology was developed after decades of color science research. By blocking specific color wavelengths, PRIZM lenses increase the natural acuity of the human eye. This Spring, Oakley released new styles featuring never-before-seen PRIZM lenses intended for daytime operations.

The new models feature PRIZM daily polarized lenses that reduce glare in bright-light environments while simultaneously helping the eye to separate the target from the background. Slip on a pair and the difference is clear. The red present in the lenses turns dull colors warm for a sharp contrast.


Not only do these new styles help you operate during the day, they also help you blend in. Oakley packed the daily polarized lenses into low-profile silhouettes. These optics have the technology to take your game to another level, without being over-the-top obvious.

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