New Army Combat Uniform by 2015

The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is in the process of being reinvented with several design updates. Shortly after announcing a new camouflage pattern for the ACU, the Army released a list of improvements being made to the pants-and-coat combination.

The current Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) ACU hasn’t changed since it’s unveiling in 2004. On July 31, the Army released an official statement announcing that a new camouflage pattern, known as Scorpion W2, will be named the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP) and thus replace UCP as the official ACU pattern. News of further changes to the OCP ACU followed shortly after.

“The Army is making several design changes to the ACU in response to soldier inputs to make their uniform better and more functional,” said William Layer of the Army Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA).

Beyond a new camo pattern, the Army has confirmed that six changes have been approved by the Army Uniform Board while five decisions are still pending.


MSG Benjamin Owen in the OCP (Scorpion W2) ACU

Approved Changes

1. Upper-sleeve pockets will close with a zipper instead of hook-and-loop, similar to the pockets on combat shirts.

2. Soldier feedback on post-combat surveys showed the need for roomier pockets. As a result, the upper-sleeve pocket will be at least an inch longer.

3. Internal elbow pads and hook-and-loop elbow patches will no longer be featured on the ACU.

4. The new ACUs no longer offer cord-and-barrel locks on the cargo pocket.

5. Also eliminated from the new design are knee pads and patches although this area will still be reinforced.

6. The current design uses a Velcro closure, but the new design boasts a one-button closure.

Changes Pending Approval

7. The mandarin collar could be replaced with a traditional fold-down design, reminiscent of the legendary Battle Dress Uniform (BDU).

8. The Infrared (IR) Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) tag could be removed from the left sleeve although it will remain on the right sleeve.

9. The Army received feedback that the drawstring waistband looked unprofessional, so it could be completely eliminated from the new ACU pants.

10. Pen-pockets could be down three to two.

11. Chances are the lower leg pockets will no longer be a feature on the new ACU.

New boots will accompany the ACU as well. Layer revealed Army boots will be produced in  “coyote brown (coyote 498.)” Coyote brown boots will probably look similar to olive mojave marine boots.

The first OCP ACUs are scheduled to hit military stores in the summer of 2015, but it will most likely be more than a year before they’re considered mandatory.

What do you think of the new ACU design? Leave your comments below.


15 Comments on “New Army Combat Uniform by 2015

  1. i like it and i don’t like it. the reason is because i like digital better it seems that the navy and the marines always seem to get the better uniforms i believe that digital patterns are the future. so i also think that if they’re gonna change the pattern and colors then at least keep it digital.

  2. I agree that the old BDU should not have been eliminated, only improved. BUT, ranks should have remained in the collar and not in the chest as in the ACU. If the old collar style is brought back, return ranks and branch to it’s proper place.

  3. Any uniform change that is made because it “looks unprofessional” makes me wonder. A uniform should be functional. Who should care what it “looks” like as long as it works in a combat situation? Looking good while in garrison is one thing but once in the field it’s all about functionality.

  4. I hope they are made in America!

  5. Never should have gotten rid of the BDU! Just added the pockets, velcro, roomier crotch, and internal belt (similar to north face or columbia pants). A lot of ODA and MARSOC reverted back to BDU in the last few years while deployed.

  6. Get rid of the GD “Hook-and-Loop” system!!!!!! Youre not fooling anyone its Freaking Velcro. It’ loud, and wears down, and I’m tired of patches comming off. The buttons on the BDU’s worked fine. And how many dam pockets do we need? Seriously. Get rid of the PC and go boonie while were at it. Its the most functional and practical unless you just want soldiers with tan lines on their heads.

  7. i always like the army uniforms pattern . and this one is very nice greats updates in army uniforms really i like it

  8. The pockets on the pants are fine just a little deeper on the cargo pockets. remove the pen holders on sleeve and tbh i would like to be able to roll the sleeves.

  9. Pockets!! If you can remember when you got dropped for 20 for having ANYTHING in your pockets, you are retirement-eligible!!

  10. Make the trouser pockets deeper.
    Leave the leg pocket,
    Get rid of the pen slots on the jackets

  11. they shouldnt of told the public about the armys new uniforms…. should have just issued them and then everyone would be like wtf? Who are they? new military? hahaha

  12. It looks like he’s wearing an OCP top and multicam bottoms… all and all, I’m looking forward to dumping this crappy ACU for any camo that is actually camo.

  13. Sucks that they may be taking away a pocket or two – you can never have too many pockets!

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