New Blackhawk Duty Gear

Blackhawk Basketweave Molded Duty Belt

Blackhawk Basketweave Molded Duty Belt

Just in time for the upcoming Shot Show, Blackhawk has added two new pieces to its nylon duty gear lineup.

Made out of Nytek composite fabric, the recently launched gear can be picked up in either a plain or basketweave finish. The Nytek fabric helps to give the belt a fancy leather shine, but the material itself weighs less than traditional leather and is much more breathable. Blackhawk even contends that Nytek is so similar to its leather counterpart that when you get deep down to the belt’s fibers, you can barely tell.

“We have seen rapid adoption of our SERPA holster technology in the law enforcement community, and with the extension of both plain and basketweave finishes to our nylon duty gear lines, officers will now be able to have a complete duty belt system available … regardless of their choice of finish,” said Terry Naughton, Blackhawk’s vice president of marketing, in a prepared statement.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Blackhawk’s nylon line is that you can polish it just like leather, yet you can use a 5 percent bleach-water solution to on it to eliminate blood-borne pathogens. This material is also weather resistant, which means it repels water and does not dry out or crack.

Along with the duty belts ($49.99), a range of tactical pouches ($27.99 to $49.99) are also available.

Wondering what is typically included on a duty belt? One man shows the world “all the crap” he carries on his duty belt in the video below.

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