New Cop Show “POV-PD”

There’s been reality shows with dash cams and some with webcams. And now there’s a show being shopped around as the first featuring head-mounted cams.

Under the working title POV-PD, the new series promises the COPS-esque, random-guys-running-around-in-wife-beaters chaos with a more up-close-and-personal twist. Produced by Base Productions, the same people responsible for Crime 360 and Human Wrecking Balls, the show is reportedly near a deal with a major cable network, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Taser International manufactures the AXON head cams, which were unveiled in 2008, and is playing a major role in the show’s production.

POV-PD will provide a new platform of long-form television to show the public the challenges and heroic actions of law enforcement, recorded from the visual perspective of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day,” Rick Smith, CEO and founder of Taser International, told THR.

Police in San Jose, Calif., are already putting those head-mounted cameras to use, recording interactions with civilians who apparently are on their best behavior when they know the cameras are rolling. Take a look.

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