Introducing Crimson Trace Laser Sights

Need to add a laser sight to that new firearm? Than look no further than Crimson Trace! Now available at, the Crimson Trace brand has earned a reputation of quality and reliability.

Founded in 1994, its headquarters are located in Wilsonville, Ore. This is the site where the magic happens. All Crimson Trace products are designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and shipped out from this Oregon facility.

To better fit the vast variety of popular firearms, these laser sights fall into three main categories: Rail Masters, Laserguards and Lasergrips.

Rail Masters

[Crimson Trace CMR-201]

Made to enhance rail-equipped firearms, the various Rail Master styles provide adjustable and universal fits. These flavors of laser sights include a number of cutting-edge technologies. The tap on, tap off activation feature ensures that utilizing your laser sight is easy and second nature. The secure lock technology puts an end to barrel overhang. For those who have several rail-friendly guns, these sights can easily be switched from gun-to-gun in a matter of seconds.


[Crimson Trace LG-412]

These laser sights attach directly to the frame of the handgun. Especially useful during concealed carry, the Laserguard provide the reliable accuracy that is so very vital in self-defense. These styles also provide the advantage of instinctive activation, which allows the laser sight to be turned on when holding the gun in the natural firing position.


 [Crimson Trace LG-660]

These laser sights are super easy to install. They will replace the existing grips on the handgun. Lasergrips also feature the instinctive activation. Available in a number of configurations, these laser sights can accommodate pistols and revolvers. Lasergrips keep shooters on target and provide a more ergonomic feel for handguns.

After you add a Crimson Trace Laser, you’ll understand why the company’s products have raked in the awards over the year— including the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Award’s Self-Defense Product of the Year.

Has a laser sight ever saved your life? 

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