New from Rocky: The AR 670-1 compliant RLW

What do you get when you merge the sneaker-like feel of the Rocky C4 Trainer with the ruggedness of an Army-approved combat boot? Allow us to introduce the new AR 670-1 compliant Rocky Lightweight  (RLW).

Similar to the C4 Trainer, the RLW is packed with the brand’s premier comfort technologies like a removable Rocky Airport Cushion insole and breathable built-in side vents. However, the RLW toughens up with a rough-side-out cattle hide leather upper and an aggressive rubber tread that SMA Chandler would approve of.

The Rocky C4 Trainer was a soldier favorite until March 2014 when strict AR 670-1 boot guidelines deemed the style noncompliant. This new style takes the best features from the C4T and incorporates them into a Army-authorized boot with some feature enhancements.

The RLW is still a lightweight style, but it weighs in at 18 oz., a little heavier than the 15 oz. C4T. This can be attributed to the heavier yet longer lasting rough-side-out cattle hide leather upper.

You’ll see one of the biggest design changes in the tread. Deep grooves at the toe and heel shed mud quickly and offer more traction than the flat C4T tread.



Rocky C4T on the left, Rocky RLW on the right


Soldiers have been wishing for a AR 670-1 compliant C4T, and Rocky did one better by launching the RLW. What sets it apart is its ability to seamlessly merge the classic Rocky comfort with Army-approved durability. The RLW means the best of both worlds for soldiers.

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