New Resource for Men

Pants were originally a for-men-only garment, as were tactical pants.

So, why are we dedicating an entire page to tactical pants for men? Because we are, and we can.

If that’s not reason enough, check out the page for yourself. It has a list of tactical pants facts that will be sure to come up in any game of Trivial Pursuit. It tells an abbreviated backstory of the nine brands who make up the tactical pants market.

Then there are the reviews—video reviews of LA Police Gear’s operator pants, 5.11 Tactical Series Taclite Pro and 24-7 Series Tru-Spec’s pants. There are videos of Vertx men’s pants, Blackhawk Warrior Wear and Propper’s lightweight tactical pants.

There’s also links to interesting news items, excellent organizations, mind-boggling discussions, suggested reading and compelling questions all surrounding the great state of tactical pants. Be sure to check it out. Let us know if there are any other pages you think we could create that would further the advance the research of tactical pants.

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