New Safariland Shoulder and Foldaway Holsters

While at the 2011 SHOT Show, James Dawson, category director of duty gear for Safariland, took some time out to explain several new holsters that are coming out this year. Dawson highlighted a number of holsters, including the 1052 ALS Lightweight Shoulder Holster and the 101 Foldaway. He discussed both styles in the following video.

1052 ALS Lightweight Shoulder Holster

  • The lightweight and minimalist design makes the holster easy to put on and take off.
  • “It uses the ALS holster, locks onto the cylinder, one hand release, one hand re-holster.”

101 Foldaway

  • Once it gets fit for the first time, it molds itself to the gun.
  • With a trigger guard on the side, the holster is right on the belt loops and provides a straight up draw.
  • The holster uses the exterior of the belt as the interior of the holster.
  • The nicest thing about it: “When you’re done using the weapon at hand, it simply folds down onto the belt.”

What do you think of the new foldaway holster? Will you be willing to try it out?

One Comment on “New Safariland Shoulder and Foldaway Holsters

  1. This holster is fantastic!! Only two sizes available. I ordered one of each size and was amazed! These two holsters allow me to carry any one of my 13 pistols, ranging from an LCP to a 5 inch Kimber comfortably and securely, with a minimum of “gun print”. Try it – you’ like it.

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