New Tactical Gear Review Site: Keystone Guns, Gear and Guides

One of our fave bloggers, Norm White, has recently launched a gear review site, Keystone Guns, Gear and Guides. Consider this a shout out of sorts.

Here’s a little background on Norm. He has over 15 years of experience within the computer industry. Well traveled, he is an avid camper and backpacker and enjoys hiking, climbing and many other outdoor activities. In addition to his enthusiasm for gun and gear, he understands the technology behind many of the tactical tools out there.

The founders of KGGG are committed to providing thorough reviews that are easy to understand and straight to the point.

[Camping lakeside. Just the kind of environment that Norm and his reviewers are comfortable with. via Wiki Commons]

“If we review a product and don’t think it’s worth the time or money, we’re going to tell you. If we think it’s worth using as something other than intended, we’ll tell you that as well. If it outperforms everything else, we’ll bring you the low down,” reads their official press release.

The reviewers come from a variety of backgrounds—combined they have experience in information technology and security, law enforcement, physical security and protection, gaming, photography, backpacking, camping, hiking, climbing, industrial construction and engineering, hunting and fishing. They also have quite a bit of knowledge in the area of DIY repairs.

While home base is Pennsylvania, they have traveled extensively, both in the United States and to foreign countries. Experienced excursionists, they transfer this wisdom into their reviews. So far they have written about items such as Magnus broadheads, Princeton Tec MPLS (mounted personal light) and the Shark Pack wallet.

Still a relatively young gear review website, they are accepting gear and apparel of all styles. 

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