New Year’s Greetings and Resolutions

Alas, the confetti has been scattered … the champagne, drained. As we enter the first week of a new decade with somewhat foggy memories of how 2009 ended (well, for some of us!), let’s keep in mind the promises and wishes heralded throughout the blogosphere for the New Year.

We found an assortment of messages while piecing through the various remnants and party favors left by the passing of another year. Here are some of the best.

Trigger Pull Tactical sends an industry-encompassing message: “Commit yourself to training harder, shooting straighter, working out more and being a better operator,” he writes. “Above all — be safe. With the New Year, we will undoubtedly face more terrorist attacks and cop killers, so be vigilant.”

Medic 999 in the United Kingdom said that while it’s the end of a decade, it’s also the end of his first decade as a paramedic.

“This year alone has seen my perceptions and thoughts on my profession take on a whole new direction,” he writes. “I no longer look at things in isolation. I tend not to be bothered about the ‘small things’ anymore. There are much bigger things to concentrate on, and there are many more people to share these things with.”

Sandra Glendinning, a member of the Vancouver Police Department, said that she’s not one for New Year’s resolutions because nobody sticks to it. Instead she writes: “(The New Year is) an opportunity to put into action everything learned. Not as a resolution but as a way of life, in an effort to be a better, more productive person. Now THOSE are words to live by.”

Meanwhile, other bloggers set out some tangible New Year’s goals.

Reynolds at Random Acts of Reality has decided to live digitally in 2010. “By this I mean that I can get through life without buying a physical piece of media,” he writes. “Be that DVD, Blu-ray, CD, book, magazine or any other thing that has a physical existence. Instead I shall be surviving on a diet of purely digital media — downloads of music, films and books.”

Medic 22, a full-time paramedic student, was feeling pretty ambitious when listing out his 2010 goals. He included ditching soda and fast food from his diet and working out once a day in his list of seven resolutions.

And Authorized Transmissions pointed EMS personnel to one resolution everyone can keep — continuing your education. (Hmm … we guess that depends on how you define education!)

As for us, a personal goal here at the Tactical Pants Blog is to continue to bring you innovative collections of news and notes, not only about your favorite pants in the world, but about things of equal gravitas — your industry, your colleagues and ways you can improve both. Well that, and to give you a good laugh every so often. Here’s to 2010!

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  1. What a great collection of first responder information spanning all 4 branches! PD, FD, EMS and Radio all represented. It’s like a public safety melting pot by God!

    Keep up the good stuff, linked for sure.


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