Nylon Gun Holsters

Leather holsters are luxurious yet pricey. Kydex holsters are sometimes too harsh on a gun’s finish. If this sounds like a familiar conundrum, it’s time to explore some nylon options.

At first glance, nylon doesn’t appear to be the sturdiest material for a gun holster. We beckon you to take a step in closer. Get your hands on that ballistic nylon material, and discover how un-flimsy it really is. Originally dreamed up by DuPont for WWII airmen flak jackets, you can find the material on tool and duty belts, watchstraps and luggage among other things.

Blackhawk's Nylon Paddle Holster

The biggest plus to a nylon holster has to be cost. Typically half the price of composite holsters and leather holsters, nylon gun holsters come in many shapes and sizes including ankle holsters, hip holsters, inside-the-pocket holster, even fanny pack holsters.

The video review below looks at Blackhawk’s nylon Smith & Wesson 686 holster. Reviewer TheNRADude believes you can’t go wrong with a nylon holster. “By the time this one wears out, your leather one would probably wear out, too,” he says. His only complaint about the holster? When you attempt to holster your gun, you have to squeeze the sides out to get it to fit back in.

Others deemed nylon gun holsters irrelevant after the popularity surge of Kydex. “For a long time they were the best thing you could buy, but now that Kydex has come out, I just really don’t like nylon as much as I used to,” says the reviewer in the video below. “It does have its purpose and its advantages for military uses. But not for CCW or for civilian open carry. ”

Do you prefer nylon holsters? What experiences have you had while using those types of gun holsters?

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