Oakley Gloves: Tactically Protective

So new even search engines are hard-pressed to find them, the Oakley SI Tactical FR gloves are now available. They are designed to offer major protection.

Among their many traits – fire resistance and knuckle impact protection – they provide enough feeling in the fingers that the wearer is less likely to pull them off to perform detailed tasks like writing.

The Oakley gloves meet certain military protective requirements. Key traits include:

  • Pittards digital goatskin leather palm.
  • Box finger construction for increased dexterity.
  • Protective knuckle plating covered with fire-resistant leather.
  • Two layers of 180 grams of Nomex.
  • Single hook and loop wrist closure for secure fastening.

They comply with both flame resistance testing standards: ASTM D6413 and NFPA 1971 Section 7.7.3.

[via Military Times]

2 Comments on “Oakley Gloves: Tactically Protective

  1. I’ve heard that Oakley gloves aren’t all that well made and fall apart pretty quickly under real world conditions found in places like Afghanistan. In fact, the same people, civilian contractor in Afghanistan, that have had bad experience with Oakleys recommend regular Mechanix gloves as a cheaper alternative. I guess they work just as well, last the same or longer, and are much cheaper to replace.

  2. Since making the video about the Oakley gloves I have had more tactical glove experience. I recently lost my pair of Oakley tactical gloves at an airsoft event. I had to use a back-up pair of gloves, and I found them to be quite uncomfortable compared to my Oakleys. I miss them.

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