One Holster for Life

This young gun enthusiast isn't Dan L. But we'll pretend it is.

I have been a gun enthusiast since before I could say my ABCs. Through the years I have owned and used several different holsters.

Leather, nylon, composite … inside the pants, pancake, shoulder harness…the list just goes on.

After talking to customers forever about the Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Holster, I finally broke down and got one for my Springfield XD 40, and much to my wife’s dismay all the accessories that come along with it.

This is by far the greatest holster I have ever used—period! Not only is the holster itself a fantastic piece of engineering, but the accessories and different wearing options that Blackhawk has incorporated make this the only holster I will ever use.

Living in a suburb, I don’t have too much need to be packing heat all the time, (and yes I know many of you would point out why I am wrong on that). But with the SERPA, I can (if I want) carry my XD concealed comfortably. With the belt mount or paddle attachment, I can elect to have the holster on permanently or removable if I am going into an establishment that does not allow conceal carry.

The accessory I enjoy the most has to be the Drop Leg Platform. With hiking and hunting on our property, I can wear a backpack, different belt pouches and still have my XD at my finger tips. Also it’s built so that it conforms to my leg, not my leg having to conform to it, which for a (as my co-workers say) “sturdy” guy like myself comes in handy.

So, a big kudos to Blackhawk on the SERPA line of holsters. You have a customer for life!

This post was written by Dan Lamb, a firearm aficionado and ecommerce manager at Cat5 Commerce. And we hope to coax him into frequently contributing to the Gun Holsters Blog.

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