New Trail Runners from Lowa [VIDEO]

What’s new for trail runners this spring? Lowa will debut the S-Crown and S-Curve series, and Hiking Boots News caught up with brand rep Tudor at Outdoor Retailer 2011 to find out what these new shoes have to offer.

Taking advantage of their hiking boot background, Lowa constructs these trail runners to stand up to any terrain while featuring a lightweight and sturdy structure. The STG 3D outsole mixes a rubber sole, soft-molded EVA and hard-molded EVA both laterally and vertically, which equals added cushion for the runner. “We are achieving the comfort that users are looking for by having lightweight products, but also [by using] stable materials to give the right support to the right spots of your feet,” says Tudor.

The S-Crown series will include Gore-Tex and Mesh versions, giving runners options to best meet their trail-running needs. Tudor showed us the hot colors available for both series, including a bright turquoise that’s trending across the running apparel world. But don’t despair if your tastes are more earthy than urban; these trail runners are available in toned-down, neutral colors, too.






What do you think of the new Lowa trail runners?

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