Army Unveils New Uniform Quality Control Program

In February 2015, the Army unveiled its plans for a new Uniform Quality Control Program (UQCP). The program will be launched this year by PEO Soldier in order to provide soldiers, Army leaders and industry manufacturers clarity on what optional-wear boot models are considered Army authorized.
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The Top 10 Gear from SHOT Show 2015

Per usual, SHOT Show was 5 days full of the latest and greatest gear from the industry’s premier brands. We hand-picked this year’s standout styles of apparel, equipment and footwear from the show so you know what to look forward to in 2015.


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Follow Us for Live Coverage of SHOT Show 2015

It’s that time of year—SHOT Show! The largest trade show for shooting, hunting, military and law enforcement industries will be taking place Jan. 20-23 in Las Vegas.
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New from Rocky: The AR 670-1 compliant RLW

What do you get when you merge the sneaker-like feel of the Rocky C4 Trainer with the ruggedness of an Army-approved combat boot? Allow us to introduce the new AR 670-1 compliant Rocky Lightweight  (RLW).
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Q&A with David Rogers from The Mission Continues has been proud partners with The Mission Continues since 2012. When you checkout at, you are given the opportunity to donate to The Mission Continues. In the spirit of the season, we will matching every donation made through our site from now until Christmas. Help us spread some holiday cheer to the men and women who serve our country.

Fulfilling veterans through service is such a simple concept, yet it was unprecedented until The Mission Continues was founded by a former Navy SEAL in 2007. Its programs utilize veterans’ specific strengths and skills by placing them at a nonprofit in their community. Through its fellowship program and service projects, veterans have the opportunity to work with more than 600 nonprofits around the country.
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10 Gear Picks From The Mad Duo

Tactically proficient and all-around entertaining, the Mad Duo really knows their stuff when it comes to gear. The team writes primarily for their blog, Breach Bang Clear, but they also contribute occasionally to other publications like, RECOIL Magazine, The New Rifleman, Concealed Carry, Law Enforcement Today, Monderno and numerous firearms/tactical magazines. We were lucky enough to have them utilize their incisive wit, comical insight and expert knowledge to put together their ultimate wish list. That’s 10 hand-picked pieces of gear with the Mad Duo stamp of approval. Check ‘em out.
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Contest: Win Streamlight For Life

We have some massive news! We’ve partnered with tactical light superpower Streamlight for a nation-wide contest. The winner will receive a free Streamlight light (up to $100) every year, for 20 years. Every Streamlight flashlight, key chain light, penlight, weapon light and lantern on our site qualifies.

Streamlight for Life

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New Army Combat Uniform by 2015

The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is in the process of being reinvented with several design updates. Shortly after announcing a new camouflage pattern for the ACU, the Army released a list of improvements being made to the pants-and-coat combination.
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How to Prep for Ebola

Unless you’ve been avoiding all news outlets and social media or been living under a rock the past few days, you’re probably aware that the United States had its first diagnosed case of the Ebola virus. If you’re anything like us, your first thought might have been, “Oh crap. We’re all going to get Ebola and die.”


Well slow your roll, hypochondriacs—that’s most likely not the case. After the recent confirmation of diagnosis of Ebola in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a statement on the control and prevention of the disease.

“We do know how to stop Ebola’s further spread: through case finding, isolation of ill people, contacting people exposed to the ill person, and further isolation of contacts if they develop symptoms,” the CDC said. “The U.S. public health and medical systems have had prior experience with sporadic cases of diseases such as Ebola. In the past decade, the United States had 5 imported cases of viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) diseases similar to Ebola (1 Marburg, 4 Lassa). None resulted in any transmission in the United States.”

In addition, Ebola is not an airborne disease and cannot be spread through casual contact. To contract Ebola you must be exposed to the bodily fluids of a sick person or to objects that have been contaminated.

At this point, it’s premature for even the most vigilant prepper to go into full lockdown mode.  While the threat level is still pretty low, consider this diagnosis a storm-warning. A pandemic hasn’t hit, but now’s the time to prepare yourself for any further outbreaks. So what should you be doing now to prepare for a potential pandemic? We’ve got a few tips.

  • Check your stock of emergency foods. Restock any expired goods. We suggest having  least one months supply of food that requires no refrigeration on hand.

  • Stock a gallon of water per person per day in clean plastic containers. In addition, you also want to have plenty of fluids with electrolytes.

  • Make sure you have a plentiful supply of medical supplies. That includes pain relievers, stomach and anti-diarrheal medication, disposable cleaning gloves, bandages and surgical face masks.

  • Antibacterial cleaning supplies such as disposable wipes, hand-sanitizer and bleach are a must. Make sure you aren’t running low.

  • Garbage bags, duct tape, zip-lock bags and toiletries are also necessities.

This diagnosis isn’t enough to go code-red panic mode. It’s just a good reminder to keep emergency supplies close-at-hand. Also, continue to keep a close eye on the news for when the threat becomes real.

If you’re still concerned about whether or not you have Ebola, consult this handy flow chart.


What do you think about the announcement of an Ebola diagnosis in the U.S.? Are you prepping for a pandemic? Leave your comments below. 

New from Tru-Spec: More MultiCam Black

For the first time since November, Tru-Spec is releasing all-new items in MultiCam Black.  Last year, Tru-Spec introduced its quarter-zip combat shirt, TRU uniform pants and contractors cap in the never-before-seen pattern. Now the brand’s entire Xtreme line is available in the pattern.

MultiCam is the popular camouflage pattern developed by New York-based design powerhouse Crye Precision. MultiCam Black is one of the newest variants of this consistently exceptional design.

A favorite of law enforcement officers, MultiCam Black works best during nighttime operations. Its dark OD green and black pattern absorbs the night for maximum concealment. This particular blend of colors also means neither green nor black tactical vests look out of place with this uniform.

Perhaps it’s biggest advantage is it’s just plain mean looking. It has been called “intimidation camo” because it allows the wearer to project a sleek, strong image. This is incredibly helpful for tactical professionals who need to operate with an air of dominance.


Now you can get the TRU Xtreme Uniform pants, shirt, combat shirt and vest in MultiCam Black. Each item is built to resemble the battle-tested Army Combat Uniform design. Made from a 50% nylon / 50% cotton ripstop material, the Xtreme uniform features a mandarin collar and a 6-pocket pant configuration.

Shop all MultiCam Black:

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